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 A major water leak was detected recently in the pipes that run under the school building.  Understandably this is a design flaw of many years past. There are many unsightly holes around the buildings as we endeavour to ascertain the problem.  We have been informed by engineers that the entire water system for the school may have to be re-routed next year if we are to rectify the situation.   In the meantime, temporary pipes have been installed.



 Before every exam, one of the matrics reads a prayer.  All faiths have had a chance and the boys have spoken meaningfully and sincerely.  The prayer for the last exam on Monday was read by Jake Rigby.  It is appropriate that we reproduce it here:

 Dear Lord, as we come into the Hall today, many of us have come to the realization that this is the last time we will set foot into it as Wynbrg Men.  Thank you for guiding the Matric Class of 2012 through these exams and watching over us in our studies.  You have seen us through five unforgettable years at Wynberg and helped us to cherish each and every moment.

 Thank you for bringing us together and forming friendships which can never be broken or forgotten.  We know that you have your ways of guiding us through life…. and to make it easier for you, you have given us Wynberg, which has formed us into men.  I thank you for the teachers and staff who have made this life-changing experience possible.   Please give us open minds today as you see us through our final challenge that we will face as the 2012 Matric Class of Wynberg Boys’ High School.



 An alcohol survey was undertaken recently at WBHS by all boys and staff in order to assist us with our education policies. We are very aware that the major problem with adolescents today is excessive drinking on weekends. This problem is found in all schools today and knows no social or class boundaries. We know that binge drinking has a huge effect on the developing brain of the adolescent, so why is it still happening?

 An interesting statistic that came out of the survey is that nearly 50% of the boys at WBHS are allowed to drink with their parent’s permission. Bearing in mind that serving alcohol to a child under 18 years of age is illegal in South Africa, this makes the education around alcohol difficult. It is difficult for us at school to say, do not drink, when parents are giving permission to do so.

 So we all need to re-evaluate the education around alcohol and check on the messages we are sending out to our boys. What behaviour are we as adults modeling to an impressionable youth? Most of the alcohol issues occur at home and on weekends, so as we approach the holiday season, we at WBHS encourage you to rethink your attitudes around alcohol and make safe choices at home with regards alcohol. This is very definitely a community issue, the school and the family need to work together on this in order to keep our children safe.




 This is part of an email received from Peter Williamson, the driving instructor who takes our boys for driving lessons in the Ford Mekor every afternoon:

 The question has frequently been asked, worldwide, why do we spend so much money on academic education and yet baulk at the very idea of paying for driving lessons?  With the highest death rate in age groups, world-wide, being between 18 and 30, why is driving not in its place of greatest importance?  Every year we read of matrics who do not make it to their final exams, let alone survive the holiday season.  Why do we, as parents and drivers, not raise our voices in anger at some of the incompetent driving instructors that are to be found?

 It is thanks to the Motoring Dealerships, like Ford Mekor, that so many schools have access to a motor vehicle specifically for the training of students, so that they are better prepared for the wild, insane world of motoring.   Without the Dealerships sponsoring of the vehicle, without their willingness to get involved, without their dedication to the providing of essential elements of survival on our roads, none of this training would be possible.  And all for no financial gain.  It is comparative to the white board markers, monitor screens, books and papers of the academic world – essential but seldom truly appreciated.

 The time and patience of true instructors who do not rate the financial gain over the teaching of survival skills can never be truly quantified.  Success is considered as the erstwhile student surviving to his or her later years without a scratch to him or her, or to their motor vehicle of choice. 



 Our hard working editors are once again busy compiling our annual school magazine.  This is distributed to the boys at school in February of each year once the matric results are published.

 We would like to offer parents the opportunity to advertise in our 2012 magazine as follows;


Inside Front Cover:                                               R3500

Full Page:                                                               R3000

Half Page:                                                               R1500

Quarter Page:                                                         R750

Sponsored Page:                                                     R200 (single line of text at the bottom of the page “This page is sponsored by XXXXXXXX”

 For further details or to book your advert, please contact Jeanette Muller (jmuller@wbhs.org.za



 A reminder to all parents that have made their pledges towards the Astro to please deposit their monies before 15 December 2012. 

 Deposits can be made into the school account but please clearly reference your deposit [ASTRO – and your name]

 Anyone still wanting to make a pledge can do so online  http://www.wynbergschools.co.za/AstroturfComplex/PledgeSupport.html or by emailing Jeanette Muller (jmuller@wbhs.org.za)



 Thank you to the Moms (and Grandmother), who so kindly helped to cover nearly 1000 textbooks. We could not have had the books ready for issue ahead of the New Year without your help – thank you all.





 After the matrics wrote their last exam on Monday, they very generously donated 122 pairs of black school shoes, walking out of the school in their socks.

These have been given to the Adonis Musati Project which assists refugees in South Africa. Mrs Jean Knaggs, a past parent, came to collect the shoes on behalf of the organization  and was delighted, stating that so many refugees do not have a decent pair of shoes and can’t even apply for a job without this basic necessity.

 Thank you to all the boys who donated their shoes!



 Any boy, who currently occupies a locker, may now renew his locker for 2013. Learners who wish to renew their locker for 2013 should pay Mrs Lourens on or before Wednesday 5 December 2012.

 Small Locker                         R150

 Large Locker                         R200

 ALL lockers that have been used this year must be cleared by no later than Tuesday 4 December 2012 so that they can be cleaned for use next year. Lockers which have not been cleared will have the lock removed and the contents donated to charity.

 Unfortunately, there are not enough lockers for every learner. Any boy who did NOT occupy a locker in 2012, but would like to do so in 2013, should see

Mrs Lourens to have their name placed on a waiting list.


Quote of the Week

At Wynberg, I learned that teaching is not only about educating the boys with books. It is about parenting and caring for our future doctors, lawyers and teachers. Thank you, I came here thinking I will be a teacher; instead I became a student learning about being an educator. You prepared me for the future and I am taking every lesson learned with me everywhere I go.

Zimbini Masiki (Student Teacher during the 4th Term)



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