WBHS Weekly Newsletter 21 – 28 September 2012

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Wynberg Boys’ High School wishes its Jewish families a joyous and peaceful New Year and special blessings as they observe the holy day of Yom Kippur and celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles.



For the 6th year, WBHS has organized one of the country’s most prestigious waterpolo tournaments, the Ian Melliar Tournament for U15 waterpolo players. Roland Rudd and his band of fantastic volunteer parents spend months organizing the logistics and details of this huge event. This year Old Mutual Wealth came in to assist financially. Compliments have flowed in and none express the appreciation better than this email from one of the upcountry coaches:

May I take this opportunity to convey our sincerest appreciations to you and all concerned for such a memorable and well organized tournament. We are very fortunate to attend a number of local and national tournaments throughout the year, and there is no doubt that the Ian Melliar Tournament is one of the most prestigious and well run tournaments in the country. The attention to detail, professionalism in every aspect and the warm manner in which the teams are hosted – speaks volumes for the amount of effort and care that goes into this tournament. It remains such a privilege for us to be a part of this.

We cannot give enough praise to Mr Roland Rudd and his committee for all their hard work behind the scenes, and to Mr Ian Melliar and Mr Johann van Zyl for their efficient running of the tournament. Our parents and players couldn’t speak more highly of the tournament and all that goes with it.

Please convey our thanks to all the “behind the scenes” staff and parents that contributed to the event. You have certainly set the benchmark in terms of how tournaments should be run.

The Ian Melliar tournament holds a special place with us and adds to the lifetime memories of our players.



During the last part of this term our U/14A, U/15A and 1st teams took part in various tournaments. Wynberg also hosted the Ian Melliar Cup with 20 teams from all over the country participating. The U/15A team did very well in the pool stages topping their pool and securing a spot in the quarter finals. They eventually ended 8th. Kyle Tattersal made the tournament team at the Melliar Cup. The 1st team was on tour to Clifton. This is the 1st time we have attended this tournament and it greatly helps in the preparation for SACS tournament this coming weekend. At this tournament Anthony Mac Hendrie made the tournament team. The U/14A team also performed well at the RBHS tournament. The U/14A and U/15A teams are on their way to Sterrenburg and the 1st team starts at SACS tournament this weekend. Please like our facebook page to receive regular updates and to view upcoming fixtures.

Below is the link for the quarter final match vs St Johns if you are interested in watching.




The matric year is coming to a close. Some very important activities happen to these boys during this time and if handled well can launch them off into a very bright future. Working hard to achieve the best possible matric marks will certainly enhance the possibilities of success in later life. In this bridging time between school and the outside world, these boys of ours discover the tremendous freedom of being over 18, driving and not being answerable to the school’s rules and regulations. Alcohol can play a huge part in some boy’s lives as they taste this freedom and enjoy what they find. Now is the time to sit down and discuss these issues with your sons. The highest cause of death in boys between the ages of 18-24 years is car accidents involving alcohol. Do not let your son become a statistic. Make sure there are clear rules and boundaries in your home about driving and drinking. Wherever your sons head off to after the matric exams, make sure you have discussed your family rules and ethics. Many “accidents” happen at Plett and parents are left picking up the pieces. Boys over 18 should not be “sleeping out” anymore. The main reason for doing this is to hide their alcohol consumption from you. Teach them to be honest in all areas and they will be safer. Excessive drinking impairs their judgement and makes them vulnerable to violence, sexual activities and crime. Love them enough to be tough with them over alcohol issues.

Over the next two months, the emphasis should be totally on academics. It is an undisputed fact that alcohol impairs and retards the ability of the brain to memorize. Just about the worst thing which matriculants can do to themselves now is to consume alcohol. In addition, recovery time – which could be spent profitably preparing for the biggest academic challenge facing them in their lives so far is also wasted time

Remind your sons that living a life of no regrets is the best way to go.



‘Raising boys is a team effort’ remarked Mrs Kelly, our Counsellor after Grandparents’ Day on Thursday this week when we welcomed an important part of our team to the school. Our second Grandparents’ Day for Grade 8’s saw the boys sing, give speeches, hold discussions, take tours and even pour tea and coffee for their Grandparents. ‘I am sure that you have heard quite a lot about Wynberg from your Grandsons or rather our proud parents,’ said Grade 8, Matthew Alford, to the assembled company. ‘I have only been at the school for three terms, but I have my Wynberg blazer and tie. I am a Wynberg Man.’

It was a special day organized superbly by our Grade 8 prefect, Mouton Joubert. All the speeches will be posted up in our December Online Magazine.

Mouton Joubert finished his address by saying:
‘I want you Grade 8 boys always to have courage to stand up for yourselves; to have the courage to say no when you know something is wrong; to have the courage to take up all the challenges which lie ahead of you in school and in life….’



This week all the Grade 8’s had the opportunity to experience a day in the Wallacedean Informal Settlement. Having worked hard to raise the necessary funds, including generous donations from MySchool Card and the Nussbaum Foundation, our school partnered with the Niall Mellon Housing Initiative to assist in the building of several small, 40 square metre homes.

The boys worked hard and were able to break ground and dig the foundations of about 15 houses, which was quite an achievement. At the end of the day they were exhausted, with blisters on their hands and very happy to be going home to the leafy suburbs.



The correct names for the camps are ‘challenges’. It is the intention of every camp to promote camaraderie and spirit – but essentially they are held in order to stretch the boys. Every camp gave the boys the opportunity to test themselves physically and, even more importantly, mentally. In the various Grade camps this week, the boys were given a chance to prove themselves. Some of them, especially in the Grade 10 hike, showed immense courage in persevering and hanging in.

Mrs Gordon reports from the Grade 9 Camp in Grabouw: True to form, the boys were co-operative and open to every new challenge which presented itself. It was heartening to see the boys working in their House groups and getting to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses in a non-threatening environment. With comfortable accommodation, food aplenty and a variety of activities to test both physical and mental strength, we really need to thank Camp Wild for providing our boys with an experience they will treasure for a lifetime.

Mr Keevey had this to say about the Grade 10 hike over Table Mountain: The boys were divided into 6 groups all with teachers and professional guides. They had to carry their own packs and they went on different routes for the four days. It was a real test in all respects for the boys and, by the last day, it was heartening to see the resolve and steel become evident in the groups. Unfortunately, the rain and cloud made it too dangerous on the last night and we had to bring the boys down.

Mr van Winkel reports from the Breede River excursion with the Grade 11’s: There was immediate “buy in” from the Grade 11’s at the customary “Matric planning” day on Tuesday. They expressed their sincere opinions that they are willing to make their 2013 year a success through participating and supporting the school and most importantly building relationships with the rest of the school-boys and staff. We journeyed up to Swellendam where we had a very encouraging Felix Unite crew waiting to feed us and encourage the boys through the river rafting, laser tag, night fishing (Jacques Kriel, Bryan Edwards and Mr Rudd all caught decent sized river monsters) and team building activities! However the most hotly contested challenge was the nonstop game of “prison rules” volleyball that saw the likes of Lawrence Steyn and the newly Crowned grade 11 arm wrestling champ Sean Bradley dominating the court!



Now that a week’s holiday is upon us, do support our sponsors.

Mugg & Bean in Cavendish and Constantia Village both donate a percentage of takings to WBHS. Ask you waiter to drop your till slip in the WBHS box at these Restaurants.

Pastis Restaurant in High Constantia has the same arrangement.

Thinking of that new car? Ford Mekor in Claremont have been loyal supporters of the school and it is great to know that three of our parents have bought cars from them this year. Don’t forget to mention your Wynberg connection!



The third edition of our popular Online Magazine will be coming out today. If you do not receive it in your Inbox, please contact the school.


Quote of the Week

One of our student teachers, Grant Crossman, took his leave of the school this week. He sent this note to teachers:

My term has come to an end at Wynberg and I must bid you all a farewell.
I have had many very interesting experiences during my time here.

I have seen how learners were led, encouraged and, at times, nudged towards developing into well-rounded gentlemen.
I have learnt that a community that functions on the foundation of respect for one another and pride in their establishment creates
a very favourable environment for every member within that community.

I believe that my experience at Wynberg will prove to motivate my continued positive involvement within society.


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