WBHS Weekly Newsletter 15 – 22 February 2012

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We have now completed our two Open Days. Both were successful with more than the usual number of parents coming to the see the school.

A feature of our Open Days is the Grade 8 guides. Sometimes this strategy backfires but the confidence-building among our boys as a result of insisting that all of them take tours, is incalculable. In all, eight junior boys spoke from stage about their Wynberg experience. They, too, were impressive.

It is wonderful to see our boys growing in pride for themselves and the school as a result of this experience.



Those Grade 8’s and Matrics who would still like copies of the Ceremony, must please contact the Bursar’s office.



Support the 1st Waterpolo team tonight as they play against Paul Roos.
On Tuesday the 26th we play SACS in the semi of the Night Series at SACS at 18h00. Please support your team in this semi-final that will be televised



A reminder to all parents who committed to donating supplies, to please bring all items to school by Monday 25th February 2013.

We are still looking for additional white elephant, books and crafts items to fill our stalls, so please use this weekend to dig deep and do a clean-out at home. Items can be delivered to reception up until Wednesday 27 February 2013.



Our 1st Waterpolo Team has qualified for the semifinals of the SACS Night Series by beating Paul Roos 8-7 on Tuesday evening. However, they went down 2-3 in a very tight match against SACS on Saturday morning. Our 14A team took part in the Reddam Tournament on the weekend and eventually came 6th out of 20 teams from around the country.

Our 1st XI lost their first Saturday cricket match since the first term last year when they lost to Paul Roos by 5 wickets. The 14As played to a draw, while the 15As, 17As and 2nd XI all won their games.

Our athletes took part in the first round of the zonal athletics championships. The following boys all achieved a first place in their respective events: Mustaq Rossier, Bevan Sasman, Anthony Ducroq, Luthando Siboya, Brandon Keeling and Bongo Pangwa.

On Tuesday we held our annual Interhouse Swimming Gala. Rhodes dominated the event and beat De Waal and De Villiers who were in second and third place respectively. Storme Conradie was the U14 champion, Alex Fitchet the U16 champion and Matthew Bowers was judged the U19 champion. Tashreeq Davids, Alex Fitchet and Matthew Bowers all managed to break a number of records between them.

Our Swimming Team also took part in the Bishops gala this week and for the third time this year came second to Rondebosch, but beat Paul Roos in third place and the other boys’ schools. Tashreeq Davids won the U19 50m breaststroke and Dane Heidemann won the U14 50m breaststroke.

Our Tennis teams all won their matches this past week with the 1st Team beating Reddam 12-0. Our 1st Team has therefore qualified for the quarterfinals of their league.

Our Basketball A Teams all had a clean sweep over Settlers, while our 14Bs beat Herzlia. Unfortunately our 16Bs lost to Athlone A team and our 19Bs lost to Mondale A team.

We had two boys take part in the WP Shooting Championships. Aidan Seboa achieved a gold medal and Matthew van der Bijl a silver medal. If anybody is interested in shooting for a club, I would suggest that you consult either of these two boys to get more information.



We have had two occasions this year when unlicenced boys have driven vehicles onto the campus. We are grateful to Louis van Niekerk of Dorrington Jessop Attorneys for the following information:

As parents we sometimes tend to become complacent about allowing our teenagers to get behind the wheel without a driver’s license. Not only does this potentially endanger the lives of our children and other road users, but it may also have the following adverse legal consequences:

If your child is older than 14, he is presumed to be capable of criminal intent and can therefore be found guilty of a criminal offence.

• Driving without a license is an offence which may result in a fine or imprisonment for a period of up to one year.

• If your child is found to have been negligent (which is almost certainly the case if he is found to have caused the accident), he may be convicted of a criminal offence which carries with it a maximum sentence of three years’ imprisonment. If he is found to have been reckless (i.e. he realised he was driving dangerously but decided to continue anyway), the maximum sentence is six years. These sentences include the alternative option of a fine, but your child will still have a criminal record.

• If your child is found to have been driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances, he may be found guilty of further criminal offences.

• If someone dies as a result of an accident caused by your child and the circumstances allow for it, your child may be charged with culpable homicide or even murder.

• If your child damages another person’s property or animal and fails to stop or to report it to the police within 24 hours (so-called “hit and run” accidents), he may be found guilty of a criminal offence with a maximum sentence of three years’ imprisonment.

• If your child damages another person’s vehicle or property while driving without a license, your insurer may refuse to cover the damage and you, as the owner of the vehicle, could be sued along with your child as a joint-wrongdoer.

• If your child injures someone while he is behind the wheel there is likely to be a Road Accident Fund claim, which may involve your child having to testify in court and undergo the often harrowing process of cross-examination

Given the serious legal consequences briefly discussed here, parents would be well advised to ensure that their unlicensed teenagers only drive under strict supervision in a safe environment where there is little or no risk of harming themselves or others. Even once your child obtains his or her learner’s license, a responsible adult with a valid driver’s license should accompany them in the vehicle at all times.



Wynberg hosted a Maths evening last week attended by approximately 250 teachers and senior Mathematics pupils form a variety of schools in the Western Cape.

Three speakers from Wynberg Mathematics Department gave superb, thought-provoking presentations: Mr Anthony Selley and Mr Julian Taylor brought ideas connecting Mathematics to the worlds of Science and many other future careers all tied in with technology advances. Mr Neil Eddy ended the evening (being the day before Valentine’s Day) with the Mathematics of dates, dating, probability, and patterns of life.

All in all an excellent evening.



At the beginning of term, two owl boxes were purchased and two pairs of young breeding Brown Owls were placed in residence. After a two week compulsory ‘settling in’ period (with no ‘out’ weekends) the doors were opened and the option given to them of venturing forth.

Like our Grade 8 boarders, they have been reluctant to venture forth, but can now be seen fluttering in the branches of their home tree (one by the Bill Bowden Pavilion and the other one in the Norfolk Pine at the Kallis Oval).

Apparently they also forage on the ground. Parents driving past are asked to be vigilant.

Free dinner (i.e. daily one day old chick) will soon be coming to an end and they will be required to earn their keep. Our mole population is under threat!


Quote of the Week

I encourage all of you to join in on the Wynberg Service, even if it’s one event or activity. Then you’ll be able to say,” I helped make someone’s life better!”

And that’s all that matters.

Caiphas Dlamini

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