WBHS Rugby: Weekly Roundup

Wynberg U16B vs Judd School (UK)

Thursday 3 August 2017: There is no doubt that the rugby results vs Paarl Gym deserved the outcry received on social media.  However, it was pleasing to read some of the more measured opinions of individuals who clearly have the best interests of Wynberg at heart. No-one hurts more than our players and coaches, they will be heartened by the positivity expressed by many, and the desire to come out en masse to support our boys on Saturday vs Paul Roos.  

It is our hope that the school student body does the same.  We would therefore like to encourage all parents to treat this weekend as one would a local derby and get their son’s to be “All in”.  This would be the perfect way to show that Supera Moras is not just a motto but rather a choice for every Wynberg Man.

A reminder to our Old Boys and Supporters: our Wynberg Students have returned to supporting from the Lovers Walk end of the Spectators’ Embankment overlooking the Hawthornden Field. Old Boys are invited to congregate on the the stands closest to the Memorial Gates to join our cheering and help us roar our pride and support even ‘LOUDER’.


Home Fixtures vs Paul Roos, Saturday 5 August 2017

Wynberg Old Boys: An Invitation

Following the encouraging interest shown in our Rugby online, Headmaster Mr Jan de Waal will invite old boys to join the school rugby management for a meeting of minds to contribute to the planning of our Rugby Way Forward. Old Boys will receive an email notification to this effect which will include an email address to send ideas and suggestions for those out of Cape Town, or unable to attend.

Incoming Rugby Tours

July and August is the ‘silly season’ for incoming tours – mostly from the UK.  Thank you to all of the Wynberg families that opened their homes and hosted boys from George Heriot’s, George Watson’s College, King Edward Five Ways, and Judd School.  The results were in the visitors’ favour, but one must remember that in every instance, the tourists were playing their best team against our 3rd, 4th and even 5th XV’s.

Matrics vs George Heriot’s Lost 17-21

Stayers XV vs George Watson’s College Lost 0-42

U16 Invitation vs George Watson’s College Lost 0-19

4th XV vs King Edward Five Ways Lost 5-37

Matrics vs Judd School Lost 0-56

U16B vs Judd School Lost 3-25

Upcoming tour fixtures:  5th XV vs Shiplake and U16C vs Shiplake on 14 August.