WBHS hosts Inter-Schools Maths Quiz

Wynberg's Inter-Schools Maths Quiz

Students pack the Clegg Hall at WBHS Maths Quiz evening

Tuesday 1 August 2017: WBHS hosted their annual Inter-schools mathematics competition, which took place in the school hall. In spite of the cold and rainy weather, about 300 learners from schools all over the peninsula participated in this event.

The evening started with two events set up by Mr Neil Eddy. One of them was a relay event called “Chasing the clock”, which soon had the groups’ frantically working on the various maths problems. Good mathematical discussions could be heard all around the hall.

An interval of 20 minutes followed these events. The learners were treated to a doughnut and juice each, which was very welcome and comforting on such a cold evening. The teachers and parents also enjoyed some eats as well as coffee/tea in the fish bowl. This provided a super opportunity for some networking amongst staff from different schools.

The second part of the evening was aptly named “Triple Threat” and was set up and run by Mr Chris Goosen. A set of three problems appeared on the screen. The top question would change every minute, the second question would change every 2 minutes and the last question would change every 5 minutes. This lasted for 20 minutes in total and the arrival of a new question was heralded with a particular noise. The learners then entered their results onto Moodle, which gave us instantaneous results.

The evening ended with a prize giving where the top three teams in each event received a prize. Puzzles, which were set up by Mr Justin Biggs, were placed on each table at the beginning of the evening and the learners could work on these in any free time that they had during the evening. Answers were placed in a box and prizes were awarded to the first three randomly drawn entries.

Mr Moser also handed out a final prize of four calculators to a randomly drawn table number.

All had a good, fun-filled and productive evening.  A huge thank you to the Ladies Association for organising the doughnuts, juices, eats and coffee/tea. In addition, huge thanks must go to Mr Neil Eddy, Mr Chris Goosen, Mr Justin Biggs and Mr Dylan Grobler for the time and effort spent on setting up the events. Thank you to all the maths staff who helped on the evening as well as to all the Wynberg boys, including the media crew who contributed to the successful running of the evening.

Mrs Geraldine van der Westhuizen