WBHS Grade 10 Challenge – Cederberg Here We Come!

2017 WBHS Grade 10 Challenge

Loading the backpacks, ready to set forth for the Cederberg – click the image to view photos of the departure on Flickr

Sunday 19 November 2017: the early morning promise of a hot Cape Town day, and even hotter days ahead in the Cederberg, did little to melt the excitement as the Grade 10 Group A readied to depart on the annual twelve-day Wynberg Grade 10 Challenge.

The Challenge is a learning experience emphasizing choices and decision making, something each boy must make on his own.  It is a test of resolve and personal friendships, of spirituality and discovery of self, of social and environmental responsibility.

This year the Grade 10s have been split into two groups, with Group B departing on the morning of Tuesday 21 November. Each group will break into 4 smaller teams on arrival to head out with WBHS Staff and local guides. Eight days of hiking through the mountains carrying their provisions on their backs and sleeping under the stars await them, followed by providing assistance to a community project and Cape Nature.

Wynberg’s Mr Anthony Sparrow, leader of the Challenge:

“This is an expedition: the boys face days of solid hiking in the mountains, cooking for themselves (always interesting!), sleeping without tents under the stars with no bathrooms nor hot water – all while having absolutely no electronic device around them other than a camera to take pictures.

Once back at base the challenge continues as we assist the community project helping the small town situated just below the main campsite, from which we draw our eight guides. The boys will be digging, cutting poles, planting poles, planning construction … as well as supporting a nature conversation project removing alien vegetation for Cape Nature.”

View photos of Group A departing from WBHS on Flickr

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