Van Riebeeck House Prefect Speech at Valedictory Breakfast

Wynberg Boys' High School Van Riebeeck House Prefect, Dylan Cable

Wynberg Boys’ High School: 2015 Van Riebeeck House Prefect, Dylan Cable

Dylan Cable – Valedictory speech:

My good friend Kolby Martin once said that all good speeches comes from the heart and that’s where I plan to speak from this morning.

We have almost made it. The long and arduous journey, the rollercoaster of high school is almost over, and what a journey it has been.

Last year I was chosen as the leader of the ‘Green machine’, Van Riebeeck House. As the driver it was my job to take it to a whole new destination. But I am one man. All I can do is steer. The real driving force behind the Green Machine is the efforts, contributions and talents of the individuals that make it up. My house is very special house. We have our own culture and greatness. This is thanks to the Matrics whom have set such a high standard for the future generation to achieve. Thank you

Much of the greatness of this house can be directly attributed to Mr Van Winkel. He is probably … no, he is the best house head in the school. He shows that you don’t have to be a tyrannical dictator to be respected and listened to. He has shown me that you can be a good person and get things done. He is an old boy and understands the mind of the student which allows him to be extremely fair. He is always willing to help and it’s been a privilege and honour working with him. I’m sure the matrics will agree with me. He isn’t unnecessarily strict about mundane things and that helps makes this house the special place it is. Can we please give Mr Van Winkel a round of applause.

Now to the men of the hour. The matrics. My brothers in an endless chain bound by the fabric that we wear. I’ve known some of you for my entire life, others are new additions to my ever growing family. Thank you.

I think I found inspiration in the most unlikely of places, in a game called Candy Crush. For those that don’t know what it is, it’s basically a game where you match candies and progress through levels of increasing difficulty. This is kind of what life is like. We start off on very easy levels, doing baby things and as time elapses things get more difficult until you reach your hard level. Your hard level may be maths, physics or even the entire matric syllabus. When I reached my hard level, I struggled for months to get past it. I couldn’t. Naturally as a human being I began to blame things. “This game isn’t as fun as I initially thought” or ” maybe I’m not as clever as I thought”. But I kept trying and eventually got past my hard level. And played and got to another hard level. And thought I couldn’t do it … But through sere hard work, determination and persistence I overcame what i thought to be impossible.

We will always have obstacles and challenges to overcome in life. Hard work and Determination will always lead to success. Look at Gareth Ramsay. We have “never give up” and “overcoming difficulties” engraved in our brains. It’s the fundamental principal of any Wynberg Man. It’s easy to give people reasons as to why you can’t succeed and maybe those people can justify your reasons by calling them excuses, but excuses are not solutions. With that mentality how to expect to succeed If you give up when things get slightly difficult?

Sticking with the theme of games. Finals is basically like the Boss level of a game. You need to upgrade your weapons and armour to even stand a chance at defeating the boss. Just like you need to study and prepare to defeat finals. If you do neither then how do you expect to beat this final boss? So work hard. Determination and persistence are two attributes that allow any man to go and achieve anything.

What makes this day so emotional are each and every one of you guys. I’m going to miss the matric class of 2015. I know I don’t interact with everyone and some people probably don’t even know who I am but thank you guys. It’s because of each and every of you that this year has been so special and these past 5 years have been amazing. Thank you guys for the amazing memories and friendships. We are brothers in an endless chain bound by the fabric that holds this school together. The bonds and friendships you have now will last a life time because its brotherhood. Brotherhood is greater than any friendship because its family hood. That is what makes this place so special.

Never give up. Remember when we were at Grey and all of a sudden that Grey boy broke the line and was about 40 meters away. And then there was Ebi. A normal person would have given up but because he was a Wynberg Man. He put his head down and chased that boy. He covered 50 metres and caught the guy before the try line. Best moment of high school. This illustrates ‘Supera Moras’. You may not be ready but your goals will never run away from you if you keep working hard. You will catch it.

You guys have been amazing. I wish you guys all the best of luck for finals and life. I’m really going to miss you. Your individualism and uniqueness have made my years very special. I’m going to miss the Meyer Jokes to the Imraan Fakier hysterical laughter to Sela and Almero’s vibrating laughter but most especially the Crowie moments. Thank you guys once again. It’s because of you that makes this speech particular difficult to give without getting a bit emotional.

For the last time. My name is Dylan Cable. Van Riebeeck prefect of 2015. Thank you guys. I guess this is … My final goodbye.