UCT Mathematics Competition

During the Prize Giving for the UCT Mathematics Competition on 5 June we found out the results of our top 75 mathematicians who took part in this prestigious event. The guest of honour, Professor Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan, a palaeo-biologist, exhorted the prize-winners to consider careers in academia. Sharing with them such facts as humans sharing 40 to 50% of their genes with bananas, she also gave them very valuable, but practical, advice for success and, more importantly fulfilment, in the academic sphere.

To put positions in context, approximately 7 500 pupils take part from 160 schools.

Our top performer and gold medallist was Nathan Wylie who was placed 9th in grade 8.

Other individual stars included:

Calvin Gibbs                                          40th in grade 8
David Mills                                            48th in grade 8
Daniel Park and Joshua Heyns      10th in grade 8 pairs
Martin Killick                                        18th in grade 9
Daryn Bright                                         24th in grade 9
Maverick Pearson                              27th in grade 9
Bumjoon Kim                                       36th in grade 10
Jason Bright                                         13th in grade 11
Guy Green                                             33rd in grade 12
Joshua Meyer                                      33rd in grade 12

Considering that each of these is out of approximately 500 places in their grade these young mathematicians deserve exceptional praise.

Overall out of the 160 schools, Wynberg was placed 8th – a well-earned top ten position from the boys who put in effort to perform in this competition.

Neil Eddy