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This is an excerpt from the Headmaster’s Address at the 2012 Founders’ Day Ceremony

I often talk to the boys in assemblies about Roots and Wings. Wings of course are the opportunities on offer at this school – in the academic, sport, culture, service and leadership fields.

Roots are what this Founders Week is all about.

Roots bind us to something bigger than ourselves. It is interesting that one of South Africa’s greatest sons, war-time Prime Minister, Jan Smuts, in a speech to the Springbok troops leaving for the front in the Second World War, said:

‘It is reported, that Hitler laughed when he heard that this young nation, so small in population and possessing few great industries, had declared war on mighty Germany….. But remember that you are Men of South Africa’s mountains. Like the mountains, you are firm and steadfast….’

There must have been Wynberg boys amongst those troops listening to his speech. Just like you, they were surrounded by their friends, supported by their friends, encouraged by their friends. Just like you, they were full of hope – with their lives ahead of them.

Just as in the past, our roots today are also binding us together as individuals. We are members of tutor groups, teams, classes, houses – but above all we are members bound by our badge and by our blazer. When you matriculate, those roots go even deeper as you join the great world wide organisation of the Wynberg Old Boys Union. And their roots go really deep.

I was watching the faces of some of the band members on this stage at the Old Boys Dinner on Wednesday night when the two old boys of the matric class of 1938 stood up to receive a standing ovation from the entire gathering. The boys’ jaws dropped. I can only presume that the realisation hit them what this old boys’ organisation really meant. Perhaps that gave them an inkling of what ‘brothers in an endless chain’ was all about.

Recently this was posted on the Facebook Page of a Wynberg boy: ‘Founders week at Wynberg Boy’s High… What an honour to be a part of something so magical. The school motto is so perfect when approaching a dead end in life.’

That boy has had some trauma in his life in the last few weeks, but he has grown to realise how deep the roots are in this school and I have no doubt that he, and many others, will appreciate the real significance of the ceremony today.

Founders Week is where the pupils of this school affirm that they are carrying the baton proudly which they received from previous generations and they are re-committing themselves to running as hard as they can until it is their turn to pass it on.

Today’s ceremony is not only to honour those who have built up this school before us, but it is also to reaffirm the fierce pride which all Wynbergians have in their history, their uniform, their brand, their school.



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