Taking a stand against the abuse of women and children

Our assembly on 8 March 2013 was dedicated to highlighting the serious problem of abuse against women and children in this country, in accordance with the national campaign presently underway to address the crisis.

Service Prefect Cody McGregor made a powerful speech about the need for all men to protect women and children, whereafter an equally powerful video clip about our alarming rape statistics – created by Rondebosch student Suhail Kahn – was shown. A minute’s silence was held to remember the victims whereafter the bell was sounded to remind us all of the fact that every four minutes someone is raped in this country.

Cody McGregor’s speech:

“Wynberg is committed to doing its part to combat this very serious situation. To this end, the symbolic purple ribbons will be sold at the school with effect from 18 March at a cost of R5, with all the proceeds going to Rape Crisis.

Did you know that twenty-five percent of women get assaulted by their boyfriends or husbands on a weekly basis? That’s one out of every four women who gets physically abused by so called “men”.

Being a man is not just about physical attributes, it is about having a strong character that others can look up to. Abusiveness is a disgusting and pitiful characteristic; abusers may often be male, but they are certainly not men.

Did you know that approximately five-hundred thousand rapes occur in South Africa every year?

We like to pride ourselves on being Wynberg men, but how can we call ourselves men when we live in a society where woman statistically stand a better chance of being raped than of going to school and learning how to read?

How can we call ourselves men when we sit idly by, oblivious to the fact that sixty percent of teenage girls are abused by their boyfriends; that two weeks ago a two year old toddler was raped; that in 2002 an eight-month old baby was raped by a group of four men and then left for dead?

You may not take a life by physically or sexually abusing another, but you certainly take their spirit. It may not kill them, but it certainly kills their potential; it kills the person they were meant to be.

Abusive crimes towards women and children in South Africa is fast on the incline and it is our duty, as the men of tomorrow, to protect the women and children of today. So do your duty as a man and save a future.”