Swimming Gala: House Positions & Final Results

Wynberg Boys' High School Inter-House Gala 2016

Old Boys’ Relay Team in the 2016 Inter-House Gala: Left to right, Messrs Julian Vincent, Ian Melliar, Nic Molyneux and Theodore Yach, with headmaster, Mr Jan de Waal
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“What an amazing gala….the spirit ROCKS!!! Thanks young men, you made my evening!” was a comment posted by one of our Wynberg Parents on the School’s Facebook Page – a tribute to the energy, passion and sportsmanship on display as Wynberg’s 8 Houses did battle for top honours in the annual Inter-House Gala on Tuesday evening, 23 February 2016.

Our thanks to Ms Jocelyn de Mink (Gala Director) and her team of Mr Julian Vincent (Official Starter and Technical Control), Mr Rob MacLean (Official Timekeeping co-ordinator) and Old Boy, Mr Samir Daniels (Head record-keeper and statistician), and all our staff, swimmers, supporters, parent volunteers and Wynberg Families for making this ‘Wynberg 175’ Gala an event to remember.

Old Boys & Staff Relay to launch the new Wynberg Aquatics Centre Project.
In an event where the ultimate winner will be recorded as Wynberg Aquatics, our thanks to our Old Boys, to our High School Staff team and our brother (and sisters) Staff team from our Boys’ Junior School for diving in so enthusiastically  – well done to them all for taking to the relay challenge like ‘ducks to water’ in the final event of the evening, a precursor to Headmaster Mr Jan de Waal’s announcement of the launch of the joint Wynberg Boys’ High & Junior Schools’ “Aquatic Centre” project.

This ambitious scheme, planned as a three-phase development, will see the construction of a second, and state of the art indoor water polo pool on the High School grounds to service the growing aquatic needs of our Boys’ Schools.

Final House positions:
1st – Littlewood, 248 points
2nd – De Villiers, 211 points
3rd – Rhodes, 197 points
4th – Wellington, 188 points
5th – De Waal, 169 points
6th – Van Riebeeck, 152 points
7th – Lorie, 143 points
8th – McNaughton, 123 points

Congratulations to our two new record breakers, Christopher Cresswell in the U14 50m backstroke with a time of 30.70 (previous record 31.40 set by Matthew Bowers in 2009) and Adrian Taylor with a time of 25.76 (previous record 26.01 set by Matthew Bowers  in 2010) in the U16 50m freestyle.

Gala Results by Event:

1Open 400m FreestyleJonan Bowers
2U14 4x25m Individual MedleyJordyn West
3U16 4x25m Individual MedleyAdrian Taylor
4U19 4x25m Individual MedleyTimothy Harris
5U14 4x25m House Medley RelayWellington
6U16 4x25m House Medley RelayDe Villiers
7U19 4x25m House Medley RelayVan Riebeeck
8U16 100m FreestyleEthan Robbertze
9U19 100m FreestyleJonan Bowers
10U16 50m ButterflySasha Amor
11U19 50m ButterflyTimothy Harris
12U16 100m BreaststrokeCaleb Gibson
13U19 100m BreaststrokeDane Heidmann
14U14 25m FreestyleDaniel Judge
15U16 25m FreestyleNick Bell
16U19 25m FreestyleJames Muller
17U14 25m ButterflyMuhammed Booley
18U16 200m FreestyleThomas McNuttn
19U19 200m FreestyleDaniel Spogter
20U16 25m ButterflyEthan Watt
21U19 25m ButterflyMatthew Kievits
22U14 50m BackstrokeChristopher Cresswell
23U16 50m BackstrokeAdrian Taylor
24U19 50m BackstrokeBrandon Taylor
25U16 200m BreaststrokeTim Meyer
26U19 200m BreaststrokeDane Heidmann
27U14 50m FreestyleJordyn West
28U16 50m FreestyleAdrian Taylor
29U19 50m FreestyleJonan Bowers
30U16 100m ButterflySasha Amor
31U19 100m ButterflyTimothy Harris
32U14 50m BreaststrokeJordyn West
33U16 50m BreaststrokeTanweer Absalom
34U19 50m BreaststrokeT. Ducroq
35U16 100m BackstrokeAdrian Taylor
36U19 100m BackstrokeTimothy Harris
37U14 4x25m Freestyle House RelayDe Villiers
38U16 4x50m Freestyle House RelayRhodes
39U19 4x50m Freestyle House RelayLittlewood