Sports Day 2015: Final House Positions – The Report

Wynberg Boys' High School Inter-house Sports Day 2015

Congratulations to Littlewood House for carrying off 1st place in the 2015 Inter-house Sports Day on Tuesday 27 February!

With the wind howling and the sun baking down the 2015 Sports Day got off to a flier. We had a number of boys putting in good performances. Highlights were Brandon Keeling winning the U19 3000m, 1500m and then the 800m and taking thus taking the U19 age group champion in his last year as athletics captain. Oliver Kopp winning the U17 1500m and the 800m by some distance. Grant Martin Jumping 1.7m for U17 high jump was a great effort!

Overall the day was a glorious success with all who attended having a great time despite the wind. I must give credit to the boys for being the best behaved at a sports day that I have ever seen. A big thank you must go out to Mr Jeremy Petersen and his team for setting up the field and the Servest crew for marking out the track and giving us such a well groomed field to run on.

And lastly a  big thank you to all of the teachers that helped out on the day. And to Mrs Tania Robbertze for recording it all so evocatively on camera.

Follow this link to view the images of the WBHS 2015 Inter-house Sports Day on Facebook.

Mr Anthony Sparrow
Master in Charge: Wynberg Athletics

Final House positions:

1. Littlewood
2. Wellington
3. McNaughton
4. Van Riebeeck
5. De Waal
6. Lorie
7. Rhodes
8. De Villiers