Fixtures: U19A at SACS Night Series 2014

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Best of luck to our U19A who compete in the Maitland SACS Night Series over the 6 weekly rounds of the event, starting Tuesday 21 January.

  • All games will be 4 x 10 min Running time Chukkas.
  • The Final will be 4 chukkas of 12 minutes running time with ONE time out per team.
  • All games will have 1 minute between chukkas, 2 minutes at half time & 1 minute per time out, where applicable.
  • All games will run on time.
  • Warm up time may be limited.
  • All games will be played in SHORT COURSE (at SACS TOP pool) as per the KES Pool.
  • Neutral Referees will be provided by WPSWP.
  • Teams are not limited to the number of players they use during the Tournament – as long as players fall within the rules of WPSWP.
  • Points will be awarded as follows: Win – 3 Points Draw – 1 Point

ROUND 1 Tuesday 21 January 2014

18h00 Reddam (white) vs Bishops (blue)

18h50 Paul Roos (white) vs Rondebosch (blue)

19h40 SACS (white) vs Wynberg (blue)


ROUND 2 Tuesday 28 January 2014

18h00 Reddam (white) vs Rondebosch (blue)

18h50 Bishops (white) vs SACS (blue)

19h40 Wynberg (white) vs Paul Roos (blue)


ROUND 3 Tuesday 04 February 2014

18h00 Rondebosch (white) vs SACS (blue)

18h50 Paul Roos (white) vs Reddam (blue)

19h40 Wynberg (white) vs Bishops (blue)


ROUND 4 Tuesday 11 February 2014

18h00 Rondebosch (white) vs Bishops (blue)

18h50 Reddam (white) vs Wynberg (blue)

19h40 SACS (white) vs Paul Roos (blue)


ROUND 5 Tuesday 18 February 2014

18h00 Rondebosch (white) vs Wynberg (blue)

18h50 Bishops (white) vs Paul Roos (blue)

19h40 Reddam (white) vs SACS (blue)


ROUND 6 Tuesday 25 February 2014 – White vs Blue

18h00 1 vs 4 – Semi 1

18h50 2 vs 3 – Semi 2

19h40 5 vs 6

20h30 Winner Semi 1 vs Winner Semi 2 – FINAL