Ice Swim Africa 2012

Congratulations to Grade 11 learner Duncan Haupt on becoming the youngest swimmer to earn membership of the International Ice Swimming Association. In order to qualify, he had to swim 1 mile 1600m in water below 5 degrees wearing only a speedo,swimming cap and goggles.

In the build up to the event, Duncan was required to spend a minimum of 10 minutes in an ice bath, complete a swim of 600m in water below 5 degrees and undertake a number of training swims in water averaging a temperature of around 10 degrees.

This year’s Ice Swim Africa took place in Fraserberg – about 90 kilometres north of Sutherland – under extreme conditions.The water temperature for the 600m swim was 3 degrees with the added problem of extreme wind chill conditions caused by 30km/h winds coming across the surrounding snow covered mountains. The overnight temperature ahead of the “Ice Mile” 1600m dropped to minus 10 degrees creating a thick ring of ice around the dam and a water temperature of near freezing point. The average temperature of the water for Duncan’s swim was 1.7 degrees and he was in the water for 29 minutes – thus earning him right of admission to the International ice Swimming Association.

Well done Duncan!