Service: Academic Outreach to Fezeka Secondary School

Wynberg Boys' High School and Fezeka Secondary

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Wednesday 9 March 2016: Wynberg Science Master, Mr Christof Goosen, and five Grade 12 students presented a Science Tutorial to Grade 11s of Fezeka Secondary in a Wynberg Service Outreach project, the first of an ongoing series of academic resource sharing and peer support sessions planned for the months ahead.

Mr Rodney Inglis, Wynberg’s Vice-Principal – Service, explained:

“Former Headmaster Keith Richardson was approached by Cecil Hershler in 2015 with an academic support request to assist Fezeka Secondary in Gugulethu; Head of Science, Mr Julian Taylor, took to the idea with enthusiasm which has led our Service Committee to provide the financial support and organisational assistance to ensure that this educational initiative can progress as a sustainable, ongoing series into the future – a support partnership between both schools.

“As always with our outreach projects, we’re actively looking for financial support from the business world, where companies with committed social responsibility projects could get involved with education.”

eMail received from Mr Hershler:

“Date: March 9, 2016 10:43:31 PM GMT+02:00

Dear All

Five Grade 12 WBHS students and a science teacher did their school proud today.

Fezeka responded with enthusiasm.

We want to thank-you for making this afternoon’s science session at Fezeka an inspiring and encouraging happening.

The WBHS students, 5 of them with teacher Christof Goosen, arrived at about 3:40 and were warmly welcomed by the Fezeka School Choir and a visiting band. It was a moving moment when the choir sang to the WBHS group.

The students were introduced to each other and the learning began with Christof providing direction.

The session ended at 5 pm in an atmosphere of accomplishment and an enthusiasm for meeting again next Wednesday.

Thank you all for supporting this endeavour.


 Cecil and Ruth (Hershler)”

Chris Merrington