Photos & Report: Interschools Maths Evening, 3 September 2014

Wynberg Boys' High School Interschools Maths Evening

Wynberg Boys’ High School Interschools Maths Evening. 3 September 2014; photos courtesy Ann Coltham

On Wednesday evening the Clegg Hall was once again abuzz with the sound of 150 schoolchildren from seven different high schools across the Peninsula – this time they were tackling Maths problems, as a team, in a race to be the first to finish with the correct answer.  In another Wynberg first, the teams had to submit their answers on the Wynberg Moodle site, within a given time of period – no more frantically running to the front of the hall, with paper in hand, to reach the invigilator before the clock strikes you out!  Each of the team captains accessed the school WiFi network using their own smartphone, tablet or laptop, and scores were tabulated automatically as the evening progressed, giving the final results instantaneously, as the clock timed out at the end of the final round.

Wynberg Girls’ High School had the greatest number of teams competing, but the overall winners on the evening were a team from Bishops.

Sincere thanks must go to the Ladies’ Association for their sterling work in feeding the masses at the halftime break, to Andrew Lewis for his meticulous preparation and running of the evening, to Gary Krige for managing the Moodle site during the event, to Mariano Badiali, Andries Louw and the technical crew for providing the technical support, and to the school support staff for preparing the venue.

Report: Messrs Larry Moser & Andrew Lewis

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