On This Day: Founding of the Wynberg Boys’ Schools, 1 July 1841

Wynberg Boys' High & Junior Schools: Founded 1 July 1841

1 July 1841: Dr Phillip Faure officially opens the Wynberg Boys’ Schools in Glebe Cottage

Wynberg’s Heritage: 174 years ago today:

(We are indebted to the research over the years by authors: Old Boy Roger Goodwin, and current staff member Neil Veitch, in their respective roles as authors of “A School Reflects” [1991] and Wynberg’s 175th Anniversary coffee table book due for release in 2016 for the information related below.)

John McNaughton was appointed as Headmaster of the new Wynberg Established School which was publicly opened by Dr P.E. Faure on 1 July 1841. This has been accepted as the founding date of the Wynberg Boys’ Schools which are its heir.

Official Opening at Glebe Cottage:

Reverend Philip Faure gives the prayer: “We thank God that this school is being opened and led by such an able teacher.  May Mr McNaughton receive the support of God and may he be true and faithful in educating the youth here.  And may the youth make grateful use of this favourable opportunity.”

Mr John McNaughton’s reply: ‘The great object of this school will be to bring the blessings of a good education on all our community.  I will be educating the whole man – physical, moral and intellectual.  From this will flow good habits which will form virtuous character.  The communication of knowledge will be subservient to mental training which will prove more useful in life after school and my great aim will be to teach pupils to think.”  (Reported in the press at the time.  Taken from Wynberg’s Oude Wijnberg Museum.)

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