Matric Results 2014: Congratulations!

Wynberg Boys' High School Matric Results 2014

2014 Matrics may access their personal results via the Online Family Portal on this website

 The class of 2014 have done their school proud and the results show an ongoing upward academic trend:

89.1% Bachelor Passes

98.6 pass rate

65.3% of the class achieved a Merit Pass  (i.e. 60% or higher).  This is a school record and shows the effect of the M.P.L. on the school.

5 Boys achieved 6 Subject Distinctions   (excluding LO)

8 Boys achieved 5 Subject Distinctions  (excluding LO)

For the first time the school achieved an average of over one subject distinction per pupil (excluding LO).  There were 167 subject distinctions.

11% achieved A Aggregates

Maths Average went up from 49% at the end of Grade 11 to 62% in Matric.   English (70.4) and Art (70.1) also had nearly 10% rise in aggregate from Grade 11.

English achieved 28 subject distinctions with EGD coming in with 23