Matric Prize Giving 2015 – All the Awards

Wynberg Boys' High School Matric Prize Giving 2015

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Academic Prizes

SUBJECT DISTINCTIONS (80% or more for a subject)

Jason Adams (Visual Arts), Anganathi Beyile (History), Christopher Blencowe (EGD), Joshua Childs (EGD), Qinisela de la Hunt (EGD), Riyaadh Faardiel (Afrikaans), Timothy Gilmour (EGD), Michael Hardy (EGD), Ulrich Hauptfleisch (EGD), Bechara Issa (EGD),

Christopher Leech (EGD), Chad Marx (EGD), Yusuf Mohamed (Economics), Pumlani Mxunyelwa (isiXhosa), Uzayr Parker (EGD), Alexander Pickering (Information Technology), James Roché (History), Hugh Rodseth (Visual Arts), Travis Theron (EGD), and Matthew van der Bijl (Information Technology).

MERIT CERTIFICATES (70% average or better)

Timothy Davids, Simon du Toit, Anees Esau, Abdus-Samad Gaffoor, Waseem Hendricks, David Herbert, Matthew Hoole, Aidan Katzef, Furqaan Khan, Wesley Lerwill, Uzair Mohamed, and Jarrod Patrick.


Jamie Bowes (EGD), Dylan Cable (Economics), Isa Cattanach (EGD, Information Technology, and Physical Sciences), Adam Chin (EGD), Jayden Collison (EGD), Tauriq Du Toit (Afrikaans, EGD, and Physical Sciences), Callum Evans (History and Visual Arts), Timothy Fester (History), Alex Fitchet (English, History, and Physical Sciences), David Franke (Visual Arts),

Daniel Frieslaar (EGD and Geography), Connor Grey (EGD), Robert Gulle (Economics), Farai Gwanyanya (Afrikaans, Economics, and History), Andrew Jones (EGD and Visual Arts), Samuel Kelly (History), Bumjoon Kim (Economics), Kolby Martin (Afrikaans and EGD), Mikaeel Mathews (Afrikaans, Economics, and Physical Sciences), Dyllan Matthews (EGD),

Jesse Meintjes (English and History), Shakeel Mohamed (Mathematics, EGD, Information Technology, and Physical Sciences), Jatin Parbhoo (Afrikaans, Mathematics, EGD, and Physical Sciences), Taurieq Pearson (Afrikaans, EGD, and Life Sciences), Travis Rossouw (History), Aidan Seboa (EGD and History), and Geordie Thewlis (EGD and Physical Sciences).


Shane Acton: Subject prize in Information Technology; Merit certificate; Distinctions in English, Mathematics, EGD, Information Technology, and Physical Sciences

Paul Botes: Subject prizes in Accounting and AP Maths; Merit certificate; Distinctions in English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Accounting, and Economics

Dominic Boulle: Subject prize in Life Sciences; Merit certificate; Distinctions in Mathematics, EGD, Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences

Micaiah Christopher: R M Friedlander Prize for English; Merit certificate; Distinctions in English, History, Music, and Physical Sciences

Sisipho Fongoqa: Subject prize in isiXhosa; Merit certificate; Distinctions in isiXhosa and History

Matthew Hoare: Alf Morris Prize for Geography; Merit certificate; Distinctions in EGD and Geography,

Kino Hogan: Subject prize in Visual Arts; Distinction in Visual Arts

Almero Prinsloo: D F Marais Prize for Afrikaans; Eric Tasker Prize for History; Merit certificate; Distinctions in Afrikaans, Geography, and History


Ché Charles: Third in Grade 12; Templeton Prize for Music; Subject prize in Economics; Merit certificate; Distinctions in English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Economics, Music, and Physical Sciences – with an aggregate of 84,0%

Gareth Ramsay: Second in Grade 12; W E Bowden Prize for Mathematics; F G Thorp Prize for Physical Sciences;  Subject prize in EGD; Merit certificate; Distinctions in Mathematics, EGD, Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences – with an aggregate of 84,2%

Junaid Ismail: First in Grade 12; Martin Cleveland Trophy for Dux of the school; Subject prize in Life Orientation; Merit certificate; Distinctions in English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, EGD, History, Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences – with an aggregate of 87,0%

Special Prizes and Awards

ENGLISH WRITERS’ COMPETITION (Senior) –  Micaiah Christopher

BEST SPEAKER’S PRIZE (Senior) – Micaiah Christopher


EPWORTH MUSIC SOCIETY PRIZE – for service to Music

This prize is shared by three boys who have all contributed significantly to Music this year: Che Charles, who was a member of the Concert Band, the Jazz Band, the Choir and the steel Band; Micaiah Christopher, who was a member of the Concert Band, the Jazz Band, the Choir and the steel Band; and Jesse Julies, who was a member of the Concert Band, the Jazz Band, the Choir and the Vocal Ensemble.

Pricewaterhouse Cooper AWARD – to the boy who achieved the best average in Accounting and Mathematics – Paul Botes, with 83% for Maths and 83% for Accounting.


Junaid Ismail with 84% for English and 87% for Afrikaans.

BOB ADSHADE MEMORIAL TROPHY – For the best Art Portfolio of the year (voted for by the matric artists) – Jason Adams

RYNO GREENWALL PRIZE – Awarded for the best History Project.

For producing an in-depth and original History project pertaining to the role that the Black Power Movement played in improving civil rights for the African-American during the 1960s. – Travis Rossouw.

STEPHEN DOIDGE BUSINESS AWARD – Paul Botes. Apart from scoring high marks Paul has outstanding powers of reasoning, presents a very good argument, and is a lateral thinker.

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE PRIZE – This boy scored 88% in the school’s annual General Knowledge Quiz (10% more than the second-placed boy) – Travis Rossouw.

CAXTON PRIZE – Awarded for Outstanding Effort – Joshua Jardim.

OLD BOYS’ AWARD – Awarded to the Top Pupil in Grade 12 – Junaid Ismail.

OLD BOYS’ AWARD – Awarded for the best sporting achievement – Kyle Verreynne, who captained South Africa under 19 Cricket in an ODI match and represented the Junior Proteas in a series against Bangladesh earlier this year.

THE A. FINE BURSARY – For study at a tertiary institution next year: Sisipho Fongoqa. Sisipho has had a very busy year playing Soccer and Hockey, contributing culturally to the African Society and Choir, serving as the RCL Prefect and ending up with an academic average of 70%. Next year he plans to study Commercial Law.

THORP/RANKIN AWARD – For study at a tertiary institution next year: Gareth Ramsay. Gareth has also had a very busy year playing Cricket and Hockey at 1st team level, serving as the Deputy Head Prefect and ending up second in the grade with an academic average of 84%. Next year he plans to study Engineering.

NEVILLE BLACKBEARD TROPHY (Awarded for School Spirit) –

Mrs Wilson’s Tutor Group from Rhodes House. This Tutor group has a “home away from home” feel to it. Boys are recognised and acknowledged for their various contributions, discussions are frank and rewarding and care is taken to make sure that every boy understands that his role in the school is important.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP OF OLD BOYS’ UNION – Awarded by the school to the Head Prefect: Almero Prinsloo.

ROTARY GOOD FELLOWSHIP AWARD – To the pupil who has displayed outstanding ability during the year in promoting healthy goodwill and fair play among his fellows – Almero Prinsloo.

As head boy Almero has gone out of his way to bring diverse groups of boys together, to get boys to see things from someone else’s point of view, and to encourage diversity.

FRIEDLANDER MEMORIAL AWARD – For diligence and service to the school – Dylan Edwards.

Dylan has make a significant difference to the school through his service in the area of Sound and Lighting. He has spent over a thousand hours after school, on weekends, in the evenings, running the sound and lighting desk for many school activities such as Major productions, Night of the Stars and Concert in the Quad. Over the last three years he has trained up groups of boys to be proficient in the technical equipment used. He has cheerfully put in the long extra hours not only to run functions in the evenings and over weekends but also to help out and spend time with crew members to extend their knowledge. He set up maintenance weekends at the beginning of 2014 and 2015 which involved sorting through all the equipment, doing stock takes and repairs. He started an online calendar and email system of communication with business cards to give to teachers for any needs they may have had.

WADE BERTRAM AWARD – Awarded to a boy in matric who by means of his example, his caring and his leadership, has promoted an activity in the school which has enhanced the name and spirit of the school. Voted for by the matric body. Jesse Julies. Jesse has made a significant contribution in the area of music, comparing a number of concerts and functions and taking a lead role in presenting the face of Wynberg Music.

CASPER CUP – Sportsman of the year: Kyle Verreynne, who played 1st team hockey and cricket, earning Blues for Hockey and Honours for Cricket, having represented South Africa at Cricket at U19 level.

WYNBERG OLD GIRLS’ CUP and BUNTY JOUBERT AWARD – Awarded for community service. Liam Arendse, who is the Service Prefect for 2015 and spearheaded a number of projects in the community. He has been the driving force behind several community projects for the last few years such as weekly soup making, One-to-one Fair, marshalling at the Two Oceans Marathon, and so on. Under his watch the weekly sandwich making – whereby Wynberg makes sandwiches for pupils in the community who often do not get food at home – has hit record highs, with over 200 loaves of bread being done in a single day. Many of the activities take up an entire day or a whole weekend and even some of his holiday time.

HONOURS AWARD – Awarded to the pupil or pupils for outstanding performances which have brought honour to the school. Every year we have a number of activities that bring huge positive publicity and honour to the school, such as our Rugby Festival, the Ian Melliar Waterpolo Tournament we host, the various music bands and choirs that perform in public arenas such as the waterfront, the Baxter Theatre and the Grahamstown Jazz Festival; and individual sportsmen who perform at world class levels.

However this year the school believes that an academic area needs recognition for the wonderful way in which they have raised the profile of the public’s perception of Wynberg as an academic institute. The Mathematics Department have organised the Wynberg Maths experience (a professional development evening for teachers in the Southern Suburbs), they hosted a Mind Action Geometry Workshop and a Food for Thought Evening for teachers; they ran Inter school Maths competitions and a Grade 6 Brain Sprain event. Over 300 boys entered the Annual National Maths Olympiad with three pupils ending up in the top 100. In the prestigious UCT Maths competition, an annual competition comprising 168 schools Wynberg was paced 5th this year, with 5 boys winning Gold medals for top 10 placings in their grade. Both of the Wynberg Teams won the Norman Henshilwood Maths competition, and a number of our boys were selected for the Western Province Maths Olympiad team. Academic prefect, Jatin Parbhoo, received the Aawrd on behalf of the Mathematics Department.

FRIEDLANDER SHIELD – To the winning House for 2015

8th – van Riebeeck

7th – Wellington

6th – de Villiers

5th – McNaughton

4th – Rhodes

3rd with 183 points – Lorie

2nd with 200 points  – de Waal

1st with 235 points  – Littlewood

WIEGMAN CUP – To the most outstanding Silver Badge Prefect. This award is voted for by the prefects – Luthando Ndlela

ANDREW FEINSTEIN CUP – To the best all-rounder in Grade 12 (Academic, Sport, Cultural, Service)

Gareth Ramsay has played 1st team Hockey, representing WP B, first team cricket, is an above-average squash player, has made many public speeches on behalf of the school, ran two prefect Portfolios for much of the year as both Sport prefect and Deputy Head prefect; is second in the grade academically, and has never missed a day of school since grade one!

ABELSOHN CUP – To the Grade 12 pupil who has done the most for the School in 2015 – Almero Prinsloo