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Wynberg Boys' High School: Littlewood House NewsletterThere has been so much going on at Wynberg, and Littlewood, that it would be almost impossible to try and record it all. From Matric Buddy braais to the hike up the mountain and the blazer ceremony, the whole house, and in particular the new Grade 8s and Matrics, have had a whirlwind start to the year. We would like to start by congratulating the boys on their efforts to start the year off on the right note. We would also then like to say thank you to all the parents and staff who have contributed to making it a great start to the year – as busy as we are it has been a smooth and successful first few weeks for the boys.

Wynberg Boys' High School: Littlewood HouseSports day – Setting the benchmark!
Littlewood did what Littlewood does best at sports day, dominating the track and field and ensuring a big win for the house! Of course natural ability helps but good organisation, belief and support were the real key reasons for, what is believed to be, Littlewood’s 13th straight success at the showpiece athletics event. Congratulations to all the boys who took part and to the house prefects for their organisation on the day.

Wynberg Boys' High School: Littlewood HouseThere are too many great performances to mention but particularly well done to those boys who participated in a number of events on the day; testing not only their ability but their endurance as well!

Boys who competed in three or more races:

U14: Siya Nombakuse, Damon Cox.
U15: Shanael Cruywagen, Max Jewell, Byrone Prince.
U17: Michael Madison, Shaine Orderson.
U19: Dylan Edwards, Chad Gouws.

Wynberg Boys' High School: Littlewood HouseGrade 8 Challenge – Ringing the bell with your buddies!

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Despite getting a little lost at the top (enjoying a more scenic route on the way down) Littlewood stormed home to ring the bell first. All the boys must be congratulated for their efforts – some had to dig deep to get up and down the mountain but they all achieved it!

Equally pleasing as well was the number of non-Gr8s and non-Matrics who made the trip to the top of the table; Littlewood enjoyed by far the biggest group on the mountain and the spirit throughout was healthy, positive and supportive.

Starting what will surely become a Littlewood tradition; the Littlewood boys marked the final stretch at the top of the mountain and greeted Mr and Mrs Richardson with shouts of “Left… Left… Left, Right, Left!!” The early morning marching practise during the week had paid off!

Paarl Athletics
As you no doubt know, Paarl athletics takes place this weekend. Always a great occasion, it links in with an in-weekend for the hostel and is a hugely enjoyable, and important, evening for the school. All Littlewood boys have had buses arranged for them by the sports department. If there are any issues with Friday night, or the weekend, parents will hopefully have already been in touch with Mr Grobler directly.

There is nothing more difficult, frustrating and worrying than being out at night and having to chase around for boys who, in fact, are safe and sound; either with their parents or friends. Again we appreciate your help in ensuring we get it organised early. The following boys have been selected to represent Wynberg on Friday night, we wish them all the best and will be cheering them on in Paarl! Brandon Taylor, Byrone Prince, Grant Martin, Maxwell Jewell, Ross Atkinson, Shaine Orderson, Siya Nombakuse and Michael Madison.

i) Blazer Ceremony!
Unfortunately we haven’t been able to get hold of the pictures just yet (I will have to include them in the next newsletter) but we would still like to congratulate all the Grade 8s who received their Blazers on Tuesday. It is no small deal for a Wynberg man to receive his blazer from his buddy and we are confident this group will continue to build on the promising start they have made!

ii) Littlewood Braai
It was our pleasure to once again welcome parents to Littlewood House for a braai on Tuesday evening. With the staff given the night off, the Matric boys were in charge of the cooking and ensured that the masses did not go home hungry.

Orderson sprints to victory at WP Lifesaving Competition
Clearly training for sports day, Shaine Orderson enjoyed great success at the Western Province Lifesaving Competition recently, ‘walking away’ with the U17 Beach Sprints Title. Shaine has been training hard in all his Athletic disciplines over the last 12 months and we are very proud of his achievements; well-done Shaine!

Like the rest of Wynberg Boys’ High School, we are incredibly grateful to all the parents who arm themselves with cameras and support the school, and the house, at the various events which take place throughout the year. Mr Shaun Madison, Mr Chris Merrington and Mrs Tania Robbertze in particular have provided a huge number of photos – many of which are featured in this newsletter – and we really do, once again, want to thank them, and all parents who share their photos, for their time and effort. Rule Book 2014!

The 2014 version of the Rule Book is now available for both boys and parents to look at. Mr Grobler, as you will see, spent a lot of time editing, tweaking and updating the rule book. While we know that boys make mistakes, it is in their nature, the rule book should be their first port of call should they wonder what is acceptable.

Our job, quite simply, is to provide the best possible environment we can for these young men to grow, learn, develop and mature. In order for this to happen, particularly under a roof where there are over 90 young men, we need to have understanding and appreciation of rules, property and privacy.

The rule book includes a revamped discipline system (which the boys themselves are well aware of) and should be able to address most issues or concerns you, as parents, may have.

Obstacle Course
This weekend sees the Grade 11s host the traditional Littlewood Obstacle course. The entire house will be in together to go through the course on Sunday morning, 10am. Should parents wish to come and see what all the fuss is about, you are more than welcome to join us.

The obstacle course is situation next to the Wynberg Vineyard, Oude Wijnberg.

** Medical File**

Thank you very much to all those parents who have been able to return the medical forms to us. For those who still have the documents, please feel free to scan and email it through to me at your earliest convenience.

If there are any specific issues, concerning medication or concerns, please feel free to contact Mr Grobler.

Medical protocol
When it comes to medical issues we, as a hostel, will always do our best for the child but, of course, a child knows best if they are sick and parents, rightly, should have the final say on the steps taken when their child is sick. The Littlewood policy therefore is that, should a child wake up sick, they are to report to Mr Grobler before breakfast. Mr Grobler will then talk to them and decide whether or not to contact the boys’ parents. If the boy and Mr Grobler agree that he is unable to go to school then the boy will call his parents to discuss whether or not he should go to see a doctor. In terms of remaining at hostel – all boys who are ill must report to the matron and move into the new sick bay dorm. They are to remain in that dorm during the day where they can rest and be easily checked on by the matron.

Wynberg Boys' High School: Littlewood HouseHair and Uniform
These are important parts of the Wynberg uniform and issues which we will continue to work on throughout the year. Boys across the school have adopted the new European haircut style – far too short on the sides and far too long on the top.

We please ask that you continue to support us in ensuring that Littlewood sets the standard by which all houses are measured. We may have lost the Friedlander Shield in 2013 but the house remains the ‘Backbone of the school’; our responsibilities to set these standards remain a key part of the identity and brotherhood we want to infuse in our boys.

What’s on the menu?
For parents who would like to be kept in the know regarding what’s on the plate, please be aware that the hostel menu for the following week will be available on the hostel webpage every Wednesday.

Newsletter Development
If you have any feedback regarding the Newsletter, or would perhaps have any suggestions to make it a better tool for us, please feel free to contact me, Peter Murison, directly. Please also do be in touch with your sons tutor with any news involving the boys which we might not automatically be aware of. We do our best to keep in touch with everything boys are involved in but we certainly are not always able to do so. We would love to recognised all achievements and congratulate the boys properly.

Regards, Peter
Cell: 071 301 9409

Email Addresses & Contact Numbers
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