Keith Richardson: Official Portrait of Wynberg’s 13th Headmaster

Wynberg Boys' High School: Official Potrait of Headmaster Keith RichardsonA description for the Portrait of Mr Richardson, Headmaster of Wynberg Boys’ High School
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 900mm (h) x 600mm (w)
Artist: Ryan van der Vyver

I’ll start firstly by expressing my gratitude for the opportunity to do this artwork. As a past pupil and a proud Wynberg Old Boy, I feel extremely honoured and privileged to have been appointed to capture both, the ‘essence’ of Mr Richardson’s bright, positive personality and the many achievements he has made during his tenure as Headmaster of this great school. As I’m sure you may all agree that to capture all his achievements in one artwork was a challenging task.

Hockey and Cricket have been two of Keith’s passions at Wynberg and he has done so much for both these sports. His involvement in the development of the astroturf facilities is just one of these great achievements. The introduction of the second astro and the installation of flood lights to these facilities are achievements that are particularly dear to his heart and was an extremely difficult project to turn into reality. His sheer determination and passion helped to make these projects a reality and has since become a great asset to the school that will benefit many generations of pupils to come. It was therefore fitting that this would be the backdrop to his portrait and stands as a testament of his love for his pupils, passion and determination to ensure that Wynberg boys receive only the best education both in the classroom and on the sports field.

Although the astro may be one of the most ‘visible’ accomplishments of Keith’s tenure, it is the structures that he installed into the classroom environment through the means of the House and Tutor system that form the most important achievement of his tenure. This system will continue to produce healthy senior – junior relationships and in so doing produce mentors, role models and heroes to which each pupil can aspire. The symbolism for this incredible infrastructure is represented in the subtleness of the background by means of each house flag that has been displayed on the boundary wall of the astro turf.

Mr Richardson leaves Wynberg having progressed and advanced the work of all those who came before him. His hard work, determination and passion have ensured the continued success of Wynberg Boys High School as it moves into its 175th year in its history. The artwork acknowledges that point in the history of the school in the fine detail on his tie, just above the school emblem. The colours are bright, vibrant and his pose is positive to reflect the essence of his character, his love for people and for Wynberg Boys High School.

Thank you Mr Richardson.

Ryan van der Vyfer
Wynberg Old Boy
Matric 2001