Headmaster’s Blog: “Following the Flag to Twickers”

Wynberg Boys' High School: Headmaster's Blog

Back in the office, with a depressed Ben Thompson (Wynberg’s Director of Academics, our ‘Englishman in the Cape’); photo courtesy Peter Catzavelos

” ‘You do not have to worry about finding the ground in time, mate. Just follow the crowd.’ So said the man at the Wimbledon ticket office when I enquired how I would find my way from Twickenham railway station to the stadium.

In retrospect, it was a really stupid question even for someone who was clearly a rookie Saffer miles away from home. When I alighted from the train, I found myself immediately swept along in a swarming crowd of white-shirted people. Dotted here and there were the familiar green and gold jerseys and every now and again, we would catch one another’s eye and give a nod of recognition. Although it was a very mild day, I felt the need to put on my jacket as a cold breeze enveloped us, reminding everyone that it was officially winter in the UK.

I had hardly put on my jacket – a Wynberg branded one – when I heard a shout from across the street. ‘Hey, Wynberg!’ A young man with a broad grin came over to me holding out his hand. ‘SACS!’ he said with pride. I commiserated with him before discussing the chances of a Springbok victory in the match ahead.”

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