Green Wynberg: Wynberg Campus of Schools’ Sustainable Transport & Carpool Proposal

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Dear Parents

Wynberg Campus of Schools’ Sustainable Transport & Carpool Proposal

The World Wildlife Fund has asked our schools to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Their research shows that car emissions are the number one growing cause of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It also shows the number one reason people are in their cars is to take their children to school – which is why they are willing to spend time with us trying to solve the school transport problem. They would like us to participate in a pilot project aimed at reducing our schools’ emissions by 15%.

The four Wynberg Schools’ Heads, a team of teachers and transport experts met with the WWF to discuss the problem and possible solutions. As Wynberg representatives, we see this as an important project to take part in, for our communities and in our role of educating responsible, global citizens who think about their environment.

This is a very complicated problem and we don’t mean to fix it all at once. We would like to first propose the simple solution of carpooling to school as one of the most immediate solutions. Our initial transport survey of the Boys’ and Girls’ High Schools shows that many of us live close to at least 4 other Wynberg students. Carpooling would mean not only less greenhouse gas emissions but less traffic to school, fewer parents involved in the school run and less money spent on petrol.

We need your help to gather baseline data to determine how much carbon emission is released due to school transport and ask you to please fill out this survey.

The data collected will be secure and not shared with anyone beyond the Wynberg transport team. Included in the survey is the option for letting us know whether or not you would be interested in carpooling next year. We will send out emails to interested groups of people who live in similar areas with some carpooling tips and we will ask that you communicate with each other and set up your carpools as most benefit you.

We hope that besides being good for the environment, this initiative will draw our Wynberg family closer together, build new relationships and strengthen our community.

Kind regards

Jan de Waal, Headmaster WBHS, Cedric Poleman, Headmaster WBJS, Shirley Harding, Principal WGHS, and Dee Cawcutt, Principal WGJS