Grade 9 Fathers & Sons Dinner, our “Dads ‘n Lads”

Grade 9 Fathers & Sons Dinner

Grade 9 Head, Ms Prisci Naidoo, Guest Speaker, Mr Terran Williams, and Headmaster, Mr Jan de Waal

Wynberg held the annual Father and Sons Dinner on the 29th August 2017. The highly successful function, attended by 300 guests, emphasised the relationship between Fathers and Sons.

Brandon Taylor opened the event with a warm welcome which was proceeded by the Grade 9 Prefect with a message to all Fathers. His speech addressed vital lessons to Fathers in raising their sons. David Mills the outgoing Head Prefect spoke about his relationship with his father through his teenage years.

The Guest Speaker Terran Williams was introduced by Brandon Taylor. Terran’s speech focused on the ten things that fathers can say to their sons. He captured the audience
attention with his zest for life being a father to five children and his insight into the relationship between a father and son.

The ten points spoken by Terren Williams (10 things a father should say to his son):
1. You’ve got what it takes.
2. Hey, my boy, I’m also struggling or I’m also experiencing these emotions – this is vital as boys need their father to model vulnerability.
3. What’s happening in your life, son?
4. I’m also interested in your interests.
5. Here are some people I feel would be great role models for you.
6. Real men are givers, not takers.
7. I’m also a work in progress and am learning just as you are.
8. Let’s do something interesting.
9. That’s not acceptable (being a brake when you are accelerating to fast)
10. I love you, and I’m there for you.

Yusuf Kathrada thanked the Guest Speaker and parents for attending the function.

The closing of the event was done by Riaaz Orie who shared some advice to both the fathers and their sons:
• For the sons – Your father or father figure works extremely hard to provide for you and support you. In return, it is your responsibility to be grateful and say thank you now and then.
• For the Fathers – It may sound a bit harsh, but your sons will inevitably forget how much money you spent on them, but what they will remember, is how you made them feel and the lessons you taught them.

Ms Prisci Naidoo
Grade 9 Head