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Wynberg Boys' High School Grade 10 Challenge Memories 2014

Scenic Cederberg, memories of the 2014 Grade 10 Challenge

Saturday 19 November: Wynberg’s Grade 10s set out on their personal ‘incredible journey’ across the Cederberg Mountains in the annual Challenge: a test of mind over body, teamwork, and team-building, connecting with nature, and pushing personal limits.

At the end of their middle high school year, this year’s Grade 10s will tackle more than the deprivations of living rough, hiking hard and getting to know themselves during this extended camp – added this year is the challenge to assist a community close to the base camp, a project that’s been months in the making.

Wynberg Boys' High School Grade 10 Challenge Service Project

Grade 10 Challenge Service Project near Algeria in the Cederberg

Under the leadership of Mr. Anthony Sparrow, the 2016 Grade 10 Challenge includes the task of working to upgrade community open space close to the Algeria Camp Site.

“We will be building shade areas and braai places on approved ground, to be hired out to tourists and holiday makers, creating revenue for the community to invest in their existing improvement projects. Our further target is to clean the area of old rubble and make a safe pathway down to the river so that visitors can access it with ease.” said Mr Sparrow, adding “We are extremely grateful for the fundraising support by our Wynberg Families through the raffle held to raise funds for essential materials needed for this project.”

During the course of the Challenge, the Grade 10s will split into teams, with the community service project running daily while the teams alternate on completing the hike.

The days ahead will be both exhilarating and testing for our Grade 10s: 2014 Challenge comments, from Wynberg Men now writing their final Matric Exams, to our former Headmaster, Mr. Keith Richardson, as quoted in his blog of 22 December 2014, titled I did it, Mom, I did it!

‘It tested me in ways that I have never been tested before

‘At the time, I thought that the Grade 8 and 9 camps were testing, but we had no idea what was coming this year!’

‘I certainly learnt who my true friends were – because in that tough environment you needed them.’

‘When we were struggling, we motivated one another. I strongly believe that the hike would have been much harder if it hadn’t been for our friends.’

The 2016 Grade 10 Challenge: working together, making memories, leaving footprints, and helping others. Supera Moras.

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