Economics Tour of Europe, July 2017

WBHS Economics Tour of Europe, July 2017

WBHS Economics Tour of Europe, July 2017

July Holidays 2017: Eight Wynberg boys and their teacher spent 12 action packed days in Europe during the July holidays.  The boys were exposed to numerous sights and sounds of economic, historic and cultural significance.  The tour began in London.  Here visits were arranged to the offices of Bloomberg in Moorgate as well as a guided tour of the City of London with an investment banker from Investec.   These visits gave the boys real insights into the day to day operations of big business in London and around the world. The free cafeteria offerings and glass offices with stylised Bloomberg computers were real eye openers.   

All the usual tourist sites were visited in between and the tour template was much the same as we visited Paris, Munich, Salzburg and Venice.   One can only truly understand the workings of global markets and the impact of big brands on these markets by experiencing them first hand.  The visit to the iconic BMW WELT (BMW World) in Munich was a real highlight. The attention to detail that BMW applies to its products must surely be the reason for its immense success as a global brand.

The tour ended in Venice.  History and culture oozed from every building and the boys wasted no time in spending the last of their Euros in the many markets along the Grand Canal.   There is no truth in the rumour that lessons in tax and excise duty evasion were forthcoming from me.

Mike Engelbrecht
Wynberg Head of Commerce