Cricket Fixtures week ending 16 March 2014

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Wynberg Boys' High School Cricket Fixtures, week ending 16 March 2014

The postponement of this weekend’s National T20 KO final in a soaked Pretoria has necessitated a number of amendments to the original weekly schedule:

1st XI vs SACS @ Jacques Kallis Oval, SAT 15/03, 09h30 DEC
2nd XI vs SACS @ SACS [De Villiers], SAT 15/03, 09h30 DEC
17A vs SACS 3rd XI @ SACS [Memorial], SAT 15/03, 09h30 50 OVERS
3rd XI vs SACS 4th XI @ SACS [De Villiers], THURS 13/03, 15h30 35 OVERS
4th XI vs Bergvliet @ Bergvliet HS, TUES 11/03, 18h00 T20 D/N
4th XI vs SACS 5th XI @ SACS [Memorial], THURS 13/03, 15h30 T20
5th XI vs Pinelands @ Silverhurst B, TUES 11/03, 15h30 T20
5th XI vs SACS 6th XI @ Silverhurst A, THURS 13/03, 15h30 T20

15A vs  Blue Bells CC @ Blue Bells CC, MON 10/03, 15h30 T20 KO CUP R3
15A vs SACS @ Silverhurst A, SAT 15/03, 09h30 DEC
15B vs SACS @ SACS [Spencer-Smith], SAT 15/03, 08h45 35 OVERS
15C vs SACS @ SACS [Memorial], WED 12/03, 15h30 T20
15D/E vs SACS @ Silverhurst B, THURS 13/03, 15h30 T20

14A vs SACS @ Silverhurst B, SAT 15/03, 09h30 DEC
14B vs SACS @ SACS [Memorial], FRI 14/03, 15h30 T20
14C vs SACS @ Silverhurst A, WED 12/03, 15h30 T20
14D vs SACS, Silverhurst B, WED 12/03, 15h30 T20
14E vs Windsor HS, Silverhurst B, TUES 11/03, 15h30 T20