Circular 38 Matric Preliminary exam

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18th August 2015


Circular 38 

Dear Parents / Guardians
We are very close to entering the preliminary examination period and we want to keep you informed of procedures so that together we can ensure your son has as good an academic environment as possible in which to write.
A full timetable with the starting and ending times of examinations is available on Moodle in the course ‘Grades / Matric 2015’. Only boys that have not reached the level of an ‘A’ for their MPL are required to be at school on the days on which they are not writing.
During this time, as fully as possible, we try to model the final examination period. For the most part, morning examinations begin at 08h30 and afternoon examinations at 13h30. Candidates need to be ready in the hall foyer at least half an hour before this time.
The closing procedure of the exams is lengthy and so, when organising lifts, afternoon appointments, etc., you are asked to take into account that candidates are only likely to leave the hall half an hour after the finishing time of the examination.
Normal lessons continue up to (including) Thursday 3rd of September. Only visual arts students will not be in normal lessons as their first exam is on Wednesday 2nd September. Exams for the entire grade start on Friday 4th September.
After the exams finish there will be an exam review of selected papers and lessons given from specific subjects on the most critical topics that require attention on the days up to the end of the term. All boys are required to be at school on these days. A programme will be published around the school during the exam period.
Reports do not get issued this term, but at the final Matric meeting at the matric evening on Tuesday 13th October.
We want the examination period to be free of unnecessary stress, but at the same time we need to ensure that boys continue to obey the school rules and maintain the standards that the school expects. Please help your son to fulfil his obligations in this regard. Shaving and hair length are perennial problems that cause boys unnecessary stress – if they are not closely shaven they will be required to do so before they are allowed access to the writing venue.
Parking for those driving themselves to school is around the Silverhurst area. They may not park in the back carpark. All boys who drive to school are expected to display a Wynberg Boys’ High School parking disc.

Where appropriate the extra-mural programme of the school continues through the examination period and pupils are expected to fulfil their sporting, cultural and service commitments. Practices, rehearsals and meetings will be at irregular times and pupils must ensure that they know when they are expected to be present

Please note that, should your son be absent from school on a day on which he is writing an examination, a doctor’s certificate must be presented to me immediately on his return to school. Without such a certificate a zero result has to be awarded for the examination that was missed. In the case of bereavement a letter from a parent or guardian is acceptable. In all cases of absence from examinations, please phone the front office by 08h00 and let Mrs. Lefson know that your son is at home.

Often we have requests for pupils to miss examinations for a variety of reasons, often extended holidays and the like. Please note that this is not within our authority to grant and a score of zero has to be recorded for all examinations missed; the only exceptions being bereavement, illness or official provincial or national representation. It is also not possible to allow examinations to be written outside of the scheduled times.

The school’s usual electronic device policy applies during the course of examinations. An added problem with current technology is the ability to cheat with ease during an examination. Should your son require an electronic device at school during the day, this must be secured in a cell phone locker or left with Mrs Lefson in the front office at the beginning of the day and only be collected after the examination. Anyone found with an electronic device in his possession or in his bag during an examination session may have it confiscated and will be assigned a zero result for the examination in question.

Those who have detentions outstanding from before the examination session must expect to start their examinations after others finish.

A date for parents to diarise: The Valedictory Ceremony will take place on the morning of Friday 16th October.

My very best wishes to all over this examination period – may every young man prove his intellectual mettle and the results of his labour over the past five years.

Yours sincerely


Ben Thompson

Director of Academics