Circular 19 Matric Dance

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31 March 2015


Circular 19


Dear Matric Parents


Matric Dance – 30 April 2015


There are a number of special events which stand out in one’s personal life – first day of school, 21st birthday and wedding day are the obvious ones. The Matric Dance is certainly one that we could add to this list. It is a “rite of passage” which your son should view in years to come as meaningful and enjoyable time spent in the company of friends. I hope that this year’s dance will be remembered for the right reasons.

The Matric Dance is certainly a milestone in your son’s school career. While there is an air of excitement and joie de vivre (which makes it so special), it is also a dignified occasion which befits its status as one of life’s milestones.

It is our job as teachers and parents to ensure that a balance is kept during the evening. I would like parents to be under no illusion with regard to the policy of the school regarding the Matric Dance. Before and After Parties take place without the sanction of the school. If any do take place, they must be under the direct supervision and approval of parents. No boy is under any obligation to attend an After Party. About 70% of our matric class have still to turn 18 and consequently have no legal right to be consuming alcohol in public venues.

A Matric Dance is always an emotional and impulsive time and I would urge every parent to have their fingers on the pulse.

I would strongly recommend that parents take responsibility for all transport arrangements throughout the whole evening for their sons. I am particularly sensitive about motorcars. Having been to innumerable funerals of young Wynberg Old Boys killed in car accidents, you can understand my concern. Accidents happen easily.

Having said all this, I know that Mrs Spammer has worked tremendously hard to ensure that this Dance will be a memorable and happy occasion for your son. May it truly be a worthy milestone in his life.

The school is providing transport from the school to the venue of the Dance. It is compulsory for every boy and his partner to travel to the venue on one of the busses.

To the Dance: Matrics are to arrive at Wynberg Boys’ High School at 18h00 on Thursday 30 April. Busses will be parked in Lovers Walk. Once names have been ticked off, the busses will be filled up and will leave for the venue.

The Return Trip: After the final dance at 11h50, the reverse process will take place. Matrics will leave the venue and have their names ticked off as they enter the busses. Busses should start arriving back at school from 24h30.

As five busses will have to park and turn in Lovers Walk, parents are asked to park in the back parking lot of the school and collect their sons and partners from there.

Payment: Your sons have been told that the cost of the dance is R1000.00 per couple. The cost includes luxury bus transport to and from the venue (with Hilton Ross); three course dinner for two; a gift for the matric and partner; printed photograph for matric and partner. Deadline for this payment Friday 24 April 2015.
It is preferable that parents make an EFT payment into the school’s account.
Wynberg Boys’ High School
Standard Bank Constantia
Cheque Acc No: 071 691 227
Branch Code 025309
Reference: Matric Dance – Surname
Please email your proof of payment to Mrs Renette Spammer:
or place cash in an envelope with the following things indicated:
Boy’s name; Matric Dance 2015; Class
Place this envelope in the safety deposit box that is in the wall in the foyer and email Mrs Spammer to indicate that you have deposited the money.

Yours sincerely