Cape Fires: an Appeal to Assist

Wynberg Boys' High School: Appeal to Assist the Volunteer Wildfire Services

Wynberg Boys’ High School committed itself yesterday, 3 March 2015, to making a substantial donation to the Volunteer Wildfire Services out of our fundraising budget for 2015.

Today we learnt with horror that one of our parents, a fire-fighter volunteer, was hospitalised overnight with severe burns and that Keith and Pippa Richardson’s house in Noordhoek was destroyed in the blaze that raged in that area. Our thoughts and prayers are with the many people, including Wynberg families, affected by this devastating fire.

We are inspired by the incredible work, support and sacrifice of so many of our extended Wynberg Family and Past Pupils who’ve rallied together in so many ways to assist the communities affected and the needs of the men and women of the Voluntary Wildfire Services.

We appeal today to the Wynberg Campus of Schools to swell our donation efforts in a ‘one-day-donation’ on Thursday 5 March 2015 – an announcement will be made to the school at today’s Assembly to rally support – donations may be made online to any of the following Campus School accounts:

Wynberg Boys’ High School:
Standard Bank Constantia, Code 025309, Cheque Account 071691227
Wynberg Boys’ Junior School:
Standard Bank Constantia, Code 005309, Account 071776591
Wynberg Girls’ High School:
ABSA Wynberg, Code 632005, Account 01156840536
Wynberg Girls’ Junior School:
Standard Bank Constantia, Code 025309, Cheque Account 271616164


Please email proof of payment to:

Supera Moras