2018 Prefect Induction Ceremony – Names, Portfolios, Photos and Programme

WBHS Prefects for 2018

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Thursday 19 October 2017: the annual prefects’ induction ceremony in the Clegg Hall – our best wishes to our new leadership team as they take over from the 2017 prefect body. Our congratulations to them all, and to the new 2018 House Captains.

WBHS 2018 Prefect Induction Ceremony

Official Programme, click to read online


Welcome – Mr J De Waal, Headmaster

Charge to Incoming Prefects – David Mills, Head Prefect 2017

Presentation of Blazers – 2017 Prefects

Signing of Declarations – 2018 Prefects

House Captains – Jarrod Whitson, Head Prefect 2018

2018 Head Prefect’s Address – Jarrod Whitson

Introduction of Guest Speaker – Kyle Lamb

Guest Speaker’s address – Mr Raythaan Addinall, Head Prefect 2014

Thanks – Mika Schubert, Deputy Head Prefect 2018

School Prayer – Gareth Randall

School Song

“I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being; let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”  – Etienne de Grellet (1773-1855)

Prefects 2018

Jarrod Whitson – Head Prefect
Mika Schubert – Deputy Head Prefect

WBHS Head & Deputy Head Prefects, Jarrod Whitson (left) and Mika Schubert

Head & Deputy Head Prefects, Jarrod Whitson (left) and Mika Schubert, click the image to view photos of the ceremony

Tristan Cooke – De Villiers House / Hawthornden
Luke Marais – De Waal House / Sunninghill
Inga Halu – Littlewood House
Liam Roelofse – Lorie House / Trovato
Matthew Mingo – McNaughton House
Ethan Robbertze – Rhodes House / Silverhurst
Kyle Lamb – Van Riebeeck House / Glebe
Jarrod Price – Wellington House / Oude Wijnberg

Hunter Jaffer – Academics
Adrian Taylor – Sport
Gareth Randall – Culture
Grant Kantor – Service

Tevin Petersen – RCL
Matthew Kelly – Junior Grade Prefect
Sebastian Balman – Senior Grade Prefect
Luthando Woji – Grade 12 Prefect

WBHS House Captains 2018

House Captains 2018, click the image to view photos of the ceremony

House Captains

Reza Grever – De Villiers House / Hawthornden
Michael-John Taft – De Waal House / Sunninghill
Phindile Ralarala – Littlewood House
Jared Moses – Lorie House / Trovato
Faiq Sulaiman – McNaughton House
Richard Maile – Rhodes House / Silverhurst
Ben Helman – Van Riebeeck House / Glebe
Khaalid Saliem – Wellington House / Oude Wijnberg


Meet our 2018 Prefects: