2016 Inter-House Gala, Order of Events and Swimming Records

Wynberg Boys' High School Inter-House Gala 2016

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Wynberg’s annual inter-house swimming gala, Tuesday 23 February 2016; the order of proceedings from 18h00 at the WBHS swimming pool – to the right are the current record holders. Good luck to all participants, and especially to our visiting teams of Old Boys and Boys’ Junior School Staff in the ‘Wynberg 175’ added relays after the house events:

Event no.AgeEventRecord time SwimmerYear
1Open400m Freestyle49.71C du Preez1995
2U14Individual Medley (4x25m)17.46Matthew Bowers2009
3U16Individual Medley (4x25m)13.3A Fitchet2013
4U19Individual Medley (4x25m)11.13A Fitchet2014
5U14House Medley Relay (4x25m)11.47Wellington2013
6U16House Medley Relay (4x25m)56.05Wellington1986
7U19House Medley Relay (4x25m)55.21De Waal2013
8U16100m Freestyle55.15C du Preez1995
9U19100m Freestyle54.05A. Fitchet2015
10U1650m Butterfly27.68JD Breytenbach2009
11U1950m Butterfly27.02Matthew Bowers2012
12U16100m Breaststroke19.8S Keyter1985
13U19100m Breaststroke18.36T Davids2013
14U1425m Freestyle12.92F Maritz1991
15U1625m Freestyle11.81Matthew Bowers2010
16U1925m Freestyle11.74A. Fitchet2015
17U1425m Butterfly12.88J du Preez1991
18U16200m Freestyle159.52C du Preez1995
19U19200m Freestyle159.42C du Preez1997
20U1625m Butterfly12.47JD Breytenbach2009
21U1925m Butterfly12.34JD Breytenbach2011
22U1450m Backstroke31.4Matthew Bowers2009
23U1650m Backstroke29.51A Fitchet2013
24U1950m Backstroke29.42A Fitchet2014
25U16200m Breaststroke233.19A Tardin1999
26U19200m Breaststroke233.2T Davids2013
27U1450m Freestyle26.69Matthew Bowers2012
28U1650m Freestyle26.01Matthew Bowers2010
29U1950m Freestyle24.96A. Fitchet2015
30U16100m Butterfly12.63Matthew Bowers2011
31U19100m Butterfly10.76E Joseph2010
32U1450m Breaststroke33.56T Davids2010
33U1650m Breaststroke31.7T Davids2012
34U1950m Breaststroke31.64M Bowers2013
35U16100m Backstroke15.1A Fitchet2013
36U19100m Backstroke12.97A Fitchet2014
37U14House Relay Freestyle (4x25m)55.1De Waal1995
38U16House Relay Freestyle (4x50m)147.5Wellington1984
39U19House Relay Freestyle (4x50m)147.41Van Riebeeck1994