WBHS Sport Policy

  • All Grade 8 & 9’s & 10’s have to play a summer and winter sport – the winter sport must be rugby or hockey.
  • If the MIC of soccer deems a player good enough to play 1st XI soccer in Grade 8, 9 or 10, he may play this exclusively without playing rugby or hockey.
  • If a 1st team soccer player also plays A team in hockey or rugby, his commitments to hockey and rugby takes precedence.
  • U15 and U17 soccer can only be played in conjunction with hockey or rugby.
  • All Grade 11 and 12’s are expected to play hockey or rugby but may choose another activity with the permission of their House Head. Grade 11 and 12’s must be involved in a significant sport/activity throughout the year in order to qualify for matric colours.
  • Boys may NOT miss weekend fixtures during term time for the following reasons:
    • Family weekend away
    • NBT’s
    • University open days
    • Academic reasons
    • Birthday parties
    • Driving lessons or exams

Chess is NOT a sport but rather a cultural activity.

Outside sport:   

Participation at a WP or National level in non-school sports will exempt the learner from summer or winter sport provided an application be made in writing to the Vice Principal: Sport.

Cross Country

A boy wanting to do Cross Country in Grade 8, 9 or 10 as their main sport need to run all Cross Country races in Term 2 and place in the top 20 of each race while still attending hockey or rugby. If this is achieved by end of term 2 he can be considered for dropping hockey or rugby for just doing Cross Country from then on.


Players of WP standard will be allowed to play squash as their main sport.


Players of 1st team quality will be allowed to play golf as their main sport.

Practices:  Attendance at all practices is compulsory.  If injury rules a player out of competing, they will be expected to attend practices as a non-playing member.    Boys who have academic commitments that impact on their ability to attend 100% of the practices apply to the MIC of their sport and the Vice principal of sport to have one or more practices set aside.

Changing sports: Changing sporting codes can only be done by first obtaining a signature from the MIC’s of both sports.

Selection: The selection of teams is at the discretion of the coach.  Teams are selected through a consultative process between coaches in the same age group.   No player may be promoted or demoted more than 1 team at a time.    Selection anomalies or inconsistencies can be reviewed by the MIC of the sport.  Such cases can be brought to the attention of the MIC by parents, in writing. However, parents are not expected to engage coaches or the MIC in a debate around selection issues.

Support: Spectators are encouraged to support good play. Spectators are discouraged from shouting instructions to players or the referee.  Spectators may never encroach onto the field of play and must remain behind barriers / ropes at all times. Where these are absent, they must at least observe a 1-meter distance from the touchline.