Representative Council of Learners

Master in Charge: Mr Rodney Inglis, Vice Principal Service 

The Representative Council of Learners ( RCL ) is a governance structure of learners as stipulated in the SA Schools Act, 1996 ( Act 84 of 1996). It is the link between the school and the management of the school along with the governing body. 

  • The RCL is the body responsible for the creation of fine leadership hence why the RCL is also responsible for the encouragement of Active Citizenry. 
  • The RCL must model and assist in the upholding of the school’s values and ethos so as to help learners to conduct themselves in a courteous and responsible way. 
  • It is the duty of the RCL to ensure that the learners they represent subscribe to the code of conduct of the school. 

The RCL is the voice of the school. It is our job to make sure that any suggestions, complaints, problems or ideas from the students for practically anything related to the school, are heard and discussed. It is then our job to take action on these matters and to do our best to follow through with the good ideas and suggestions and to solve any problems or issues at hand.