In 1991 the school turned 150 years old – and in honour of this milestone Rowan Algie (a former headmaster) put out a call for memorabilia to be loaned/donated to the school for display. The month-long display was so popular – it was decided to turn it into a permanent display.  Many of the items donated and used in that first display are still in the museum today. In 1993 the official Eric Tasker Museum was opened near where the support centre is today. It was named after Eric Tasker who was a gifted history teacher at the school and the original plaque was unveiled by his daughter Adrienne Gregory.

In 2009 the museum outgrew its tiny space inside the school. Thanks to a generous donation from Mendal Kaplan a number of rooms inside Silverhurst were redesigned and converted to the Oude Wijnberg Museum. This is the current site of the museum.  Last year we expanded to include the Ryno Greenwall Room – which was previously housed in the Library. This generous donation is from an old boy, Ryno Greenwall who was a foremost collector of Anglo-Boer war memorabilia and art and donated a portion of his collection to the school.

 The museum tracks the history of the school and the suburb of Wynberg over nearly two centuries. It reflects the lives of both Old Boys and current students – each year is stored in a box file and visitors can look up their own or a family member’s school experiences. The displays are dynamic – reflecting events like the fire of 2016 and our 175 year. This year we are embarking on a marathon task of digitising the museum so that many of the photographs, school magazines and other resources will eventually be available online.

The museum is open on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 14h30-17h00 or by appointment with the curator Mrs. Tania Robbertze who can be reached on 07988 44 356 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If you have Wynberg memorabilia that you think would be of interest to the school please make contact with Tania. For example Lionel Crook who created the Welcome Back poster in the foyer of Littlewood) recently donated his beautifully illustrated and preserved History notes from his school days back in 1943. We are particularly looking for old photos – which we can scan and perhaps donations to allow us to expand the museum.