Fixtures (next 3 weeks)

Results (last 4 weeks)

How tennis is played at Wynberg

We show sportsmanship and we respect our opposition. All the boys are very enthusiastic about the sport.


Wynberg plays in the Premier League

Recent Achievements:

Jody Claassen (SA and WP Representative) 2007, 2008, 2009

Emanuel Germanis (WP Representative) 2009 Sheldon Louw (WP Representative) 2009

1st Teams That Won Their Leagues

1968 – D. Asher (Capt.), D. van Gysen, J. Townsend, B. De Vries, R. Kent, A. Werbeloff

1971 – M. Venter, P. Taylor-Smith, T. Hewett, D. Bishop, S. MacFarlane (Capt.), L. Venter

1972 – A. Flynn, M. Buxton-Forman, P. Taylor-Smith, K. Marlow, M. Venter, L. Venter (Capt.)

1985 – W. Elsom, S. Boster, F. Frewer, A. Van Heerden (Capt.)

1991 – L. Radaelli, R. Egerer (Capt.), C. Kruger, M. Hutton, P. Blyth, J. Rookledge, R. Smith

1992 – P. Blyth, R. Smith, C. Kruger, J. Rookledge, R. Egerer (Capt.)

1993 – S. Winston, J. Heath, J. Rookledge, P. Blyth (Capt.)

2008 – E. Germanis, D. Shaw, S. Louw, P. Anderson, J. Claassen (Capt.)

Most Capped 1st Team Players (5 Years in 1st team)

A. Berry (1955-1959) D. Asher (1965-1969) S. Leyser (1963-1967) R. Murray (1973-1977) M. Hutton (1987-1991) B. Venter (2003-2007) J. Claassen (2005-2009)

SA Representatives

2007 – J. Claassens (u16) 2008 – J Claassens (u18) 2009 – J. Claassens (u18) SA No. 1

Practice Days:

Monday:  1st & 2nd teams 15h00-16h30

Tuesday: 3rd & 4th teams 15h00-16h30

Wednesday: 1st – 3rd teams  15h00-16h30

Thursday: 5th & 6th teams 15h00-16h30

Friday: Internal League 15h00-16h30

Match days:

Monday: 3rd & 4th teams

Tuesday: 5th & 6th teams

Thursday: 1st & 2nd teams

Friday: Internal league 15h00-16h30

Dress for players at practices:

Respectable tennis kit with non-marking shoes

Dress for players at matches:

Blue Wynberg shorts Wynberg collared sport shirt Non-marking shoes