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Coaches & Teams:

Master-in-charge of Cricket (MIC) Mr S. Hewett –
Professional Cricket Coach: Mr O. Nauhaus –
1st XI Coach: Mr E. Lefson; 1st XI Assistant Coach: Mr O. Nauhaus; 1st XI Manager: Mr R. Inglis
2nd XI Coach: Messrs M. Engelbrecht & E. van der Merwe
17A Coach: Messrs S. Askew & I. Clifford
3rd XI Coach: Mr G. Davis
4th XI Coach: Mr Z. Hendricks
5th XI/6th XI Coaches: Messrs C. Hull & P. Smith
15A Coaches: Messrs A. Grobler & J. Ronaldson
15B Coach: Mr P. Murison
15C Coach: Mr O. Ncukana [Manager: Miss M. Zeeman] 15D Coach: Mr R. Van Niekerk
15E Coach: Mr M. Galant [Assisted by Kyle Pluke] 14A Coaches: Messrs S. Hewett & Mr M. Joubert
14B Coach: Mr W. Grobler
14C Coach: Mr C. Moore
14D Coach: Mr P. Morris [Manager: Miss M. Zeeman] 14E/F Coach: Mr P. Van Schalkwyk & Mr R. Lind

Practice Days:

1st XI: Tuesday (15:00-17:30); Thursday (15:00-17:30) [Jacques Kallis Oval]

2nd XI: Tuesday (15:00-17:00); Thursday (15:00-17:00) [Jacques Kallis Oval]

17A: Tuesday (15:00-17:00) [Jacques Kallis Oval]; Thursday (15:00-17:00) [Silverhurst A Nets]

3rd XI: Tuesday (15:00-17:00); Thursday (15:00-17:00) [Silverhurst A Nets]

4th XI: Tuesday (15:00-17:00); Thursday (15:00-17:00) [Silverhurst A Nets]

5th XI/6th XI: Tuesday (15:00-17:00); Thursday (15:00-17:00) [Silverhurst B Nets]

15A: Monday (15:00-17:00); Wednesday (15:00-17:30) [Jacques Kallis Oval]

15B: Monday (15:00-17:00) [Jacques Kallis Oval]; Wednesday (15:00-17:30) [Jacques Kallis Oval]

15C: Monday (15:00-17:00); [Silverhurst A Nets]; Wednesday (15:00-17:00) [Jacques Kallis Oval]

15D: Monday (15:00-17:00) [Silverhurst B Nets]; Wednesday (15:00-17:00) [Silverhurst A Nets]

15E: Monday (15:00-17:00) [Silverhurst B Nets]; Wednesday (15:00-17:00) [Silverhurst A Nets]

14A: Monday (15:00-17:30); Wednesday (13:30-16:00) [Jacques Kallis Oval]

14B: Monday (15:00-17:30); [Silverhurst A Nets] Wednesday (13:30-15:30) [Jacques Kallis Oval]

14C: Monday (15:00-17:30); [Silverhurst A Nets] Wednesday (13:30-15:30) [Jacques Kallis Oval]

14D: Monday (15:00-17:30); [Silverhurst B Nets] Wednesday (13:30-15:30) [Silverhurst A Nets]

14E/F: Monday (15:00-17:30); [Silverhurst B Nets] Wednesday (13:30-15:30) [Silverhurst B Nets]

Friday nets: The professional coach’s all-comers nets are held every Friday afternoon during cricket season at the Jacques Kallis Oval. Sessions begin at 14:45. Any Wynberg cricketer from any Wynberg team is encouraged to attend what has become an institution of the Wynberg Boys’ High School Cricket Club.

Match days:

Five Wynberg sides (1st, 2nd and 3rd XI, 15A and 14A) play all-day, declaration cricket on a Saturday. Wynberg is a custodian of this purest form of the game and is a firm believer that it is within the cauldron of declaration cricket that one’s skills are truly tested. Wynberg’s B, C and D teams generally play limited-overs matches on a Saturday morning, with the School’s E and F sides playing midweek, limited-overs games.

A schedule of the week’s fixtures is generally available a week in advance.

Uniform General appearance:

Match days are seen as an extension of the school week and therefore appearance-related general school rules apply. Long / untidy hair and ‘weekend stubble’ will not be tolerated.

Arrival at the ground: Members of the team are to be dressed the same: either in matching warm-up kit or their cricket whites. Shirts are to be tucked in. A Wynberg cricketer must arrive at the ground wearing cricket shoes or predominantly white, sports-related trainers. Arrival in slip-slops, slip-on shoes or slippers is not permitted.

The toss: A Wynberg captain is to wear a blazer and a Wynberg cricket cap at the toss.

Lunch interval: Members of the team are to be dressed the same. They must be wearing cricket shoes or predominantly white, sports-related trainers. Players are expected to wear their blazers if lunch is served, sit-down style, away from the field / ground at tables or in a school’s hostel or canteen. All caps / hats should be removed by players if lunch is served indoors. In essence, Wynberg cricketers should bring their blazers with them to every game.

During play: Players are to wear their playing kit / whites or their Wynberg warm-up kit (i.e. Wynberg navy shorts and the Wynberg golf shirt or relevant tour shirt). Slip-slops may be worn while not directly involved in play provided shorts are being worn at the time. However, no Wynberg cricketer is to wear slippers or walk around the ground barefoot at any stage of the game.

Miscellaneous: Wynberg cricketers may wear two forms of headgear: the white, wide-brimmed Wynberg hat or the navy Wynberg cricket cap. White ‘second skins’ are permitted to be worn underneath a Wynberg cricketer’s playing kit. Colours other than white are forbidden. Players may wear a black, navy or white sweatband / wristband. Jewellery, other than a watch, is not permitted.