Although Societies fall under the umbrella of the Cultural portfolio of the school, their areas of operation extend into many other areas of school life.

Hiking, surfing and sailing are offered in addition to the official school sports, with cycling (both racing and mountain biking), also gaining in popularity.

In essence, societies and clubs are encouraged at Wynberg; anyone can start a club, providing there is sufficient interest and manpower to drive it. We want our boys to have wide-ranging interests and a passion for learning new things.

African Society: expressing African culture through music, dance and poetry.
Capstone: the Christian Union of both the Wynberg Boys’ and Girls’ High Schools.
Dance / Urban Society: promoting the arts of dance, rap and beat boxing amongst the boys.
Debating Society: debate is a formal contest of argumentation between two teams or individuals, an essential tool for developing and maintaining democracy and open societies.
Environmental Society: Living in a more sustainable way and educating and encouraging others to do likewise.
Gaming Societies: a decades-long history at Wynberg – as the interests of the pupils have changed, the societies have expanded, shrunk or changed focus.
Muslim Student Association: improving the understanding of  Islam by Muslims and other interested students.
Photo & Media Society: the art of photography & videography combined with media presentation.
Ten Club: a club for the ten top academics of the school who meet with the Headmaster twice a term to discuss topics of interest.
The Viticulture Club: tending and nurturing the School’s private vineyard and exploring the process of winemaking as a career.