Technology strives to teach learners a wide range of skills and knowledge from four trades, namely Woodwork, Fitting and Turning, Electrical and Motor Max. The subject is very practical and is aimed at equipping boys with skills that they will be able to use in everyday life.

Technology also gives learners the opportunity to gauge whether they would like to pursue a career in a mechanical field. This in turn helps them to correctly choose their subjects at the end of Grade 9.

The boys write one control test each term. They write a June exam and a November exam. In addition to this, the boys do Practical Assessment Tasks (PAT’s) which are dotted throughout the year and consist of a range of activities, including the building of working models.

The syllabus comprises the following:
– The Design Process
– Processing
– Electrical
– Graphic Communication
– Structures
– Mechanisms

The design Process is the main mode that we use to design different products. The learners are required to use this process in each of their PAT’s.