Physical Sciences

“Science is more than a body of knowledge; it’s a way of thinking, a way of sceptically interrogating the universe” – Carl Sagan

Physical Sciences is simply an understanding of the universe and everyday thinking, it’s about questioning the workings of everything around you.

Physical Sciences develops and tests a student’s cognitive abilities, it creates students with curious young minds and a great appreciation for the workings of the physical and chemical world. It comprises the studies of physics and chemistry and is a vital component of a student’s high school career and future as it provides them with a number of different skills, such as laboratory skills; graphing and tabulating skills; designing practical experiments; reasoning skills and much more.

Physical Sciences require students to have an above average mathematical ability and problem solving skills. It is perhaps for this reason that Physical Sciences is still a university prerequisite and requires students to have passed it at a high level for admission to many courses. Science graduates are highly regarded in the workplace and are in demand as teachers, researchers and in management positions.

Students wishing to do Physical Sciences as a subject needs to be able to appreciate natural phenomena, make logical deduction and must have an enquiring mind. Physical Sciences can be an easy subject, but it is imperative that students engage in regular systematic study, work hard and most importantly, develop a passion for the subject.

The Physical Sciences Department is comprised of experienced teachers with a paramount of enthusiasm for the subject. The teachers, with their years of experience, will undoubtedly instil a love, passion and understanding of the subject in their students, producing competent young scientists.

Tauriq du Toit