Natural Sciences

Natural Science is a compulsory subject taught at Grade 8-9 level. It consists of the two components of Physical Sciences and Life Sciences, which are taught at Grade 10-12 level. Natural Sciences thus provides an excellent foundation to all those wishing to study Physical Sciences and Life Sciences in Grade 10-12. These subjects open many career paths and a solid foundation is thus incredibly important.

Natural science is a branch of science concerned with the description and understanding of natural phenomena, based on observational evidence. Learners will be able to make critical observations, exposing them to an environment where they must make informed decisions and where they must act on the consequence of that decision. This develops great life skills for the learners to build on for their futures. Learners will be able to investigate relationships and solve problems in a scientific context.  Learners will also be able to apply scientific and environmental knowledge and they will be able to demonstrate the interrelationships between science and society.

The most vital part of your education is your foundation and this subject provides the resources and skills necessary to build on not only your scientific minds but your personal life skills as well.

Tajudien Badroodien