Life Sciences

Wynberg Boys' High School Academics: Life SciencesLife science is the study of life around us. It comprises the exploration of living organisms and life processes, allowing students to engage with the environment around them.  It encompasses the study of life from the minutest cells, through tissues and organisms to large communities of plants and animals.

Life Sciences is not an easy subject- it has a language all of its own, and an extremely broad scope of topics. It tests your cognitive ability and often leaves one in awe of the living world. A much greater appreciation for the complexity of living organisms is therefore achieved through studying Life Sciences.

Your body is an intricate system of muscles, bones and organs, and it is very important to maintain it properly. Life Sciences allows students to make a more conscious decision about how they treat their bodies and gives them a better understanding of the severity of certain health-related conditions and diseases. It does not only keep their health in check, but also teaches them the importance of conserving our resources and protecting our plants and animals.

Life Sciences provides you with a large number of skills and involves quite a bit of practical work, some of which involve: animal organ dissections; model- building; plant experiments; organic chemistry experiments and much more. It also gives students a huge advantage in some possible career fields, from medicine to biotechnology.

This subject, as mentioned before, is not easy and it requires hard work, dedication and regular systematic study in order to excel.  That being said once you start working, and get your nose stuck in a Life Sciences textbook, you often find it hard to stop. Developing a passion and love for this subject will push you so much further.

By now you should have an insightful view of this wonderful subject, all of which is upheld by the members of the Life Sciences Department, with their combined teaching abilities and years of experience, caring nature and enthusiasm for the subject. They will go out of their way to help students succeed and become commendable young biologists. The extremely well-qualified staff members make the subject more enjoyable and keep the passion stirred within their students.

Tauriq du Toit