Information Technology

Do you like games? Social networking? Technology? Well then you’ve come to the right place.

Arguably one of the most relevant subjects in today’s society, Information Technology has changed the world more than we realize. Information technology is a vast subject with countless branches extending from it. (It’s more than just computers… Trust me). Technology is everywhere and in everything we own. It should therefore be an obvious choice to learn about it since it has touched our lives in so many different ways. You reading this on your computer/laptop/tablet/phone is proof! The world of technology is growing faster than we can keep up and we need bright young minds to lead help lead this ever expanding field.

Information Technology equips learners with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to:

– understand the concepts and principles of computers and computer applications
– understand the physical aspects of computers
– understand how computers impact our lives
– use computers effectively
– program aspects of computers
– follow a career in this broad field.

IT focuses on:
the solution of problems through:

– logical thinking
– information management
– communication
– development of computer applications
– awareness of social and economic implications of using computers

More than ever, organizations rely on IT to help them be more productive and it is because of this that the number of IT jobs continues to grow especially in South Africa where we are in the process of incorporating modern technology in our communities. And yes, IT jobs do pay a lot.

The current CAPS syllabus for IT is broken down into 70% programming and 30% theory so be prepared to type! IT is a challenging subject as it requires you to think logically to solve problems and follow steps. IT and Mathematics go hand in hand.

Make the logical choice: Take Information Technology.

Shakeel Mohamed