“To produce boys who are literate, articulate and independent, critical thinkers; able to analyse and respond to any text and hold their own in any university humanities degree.”

This is the aim of the English Department at Wynberg Boys’ High School. By creating a vibrant and exciting learning atmosphere and by maintaining a good working environment and disciplined work ethic, the English Department is striving to equip our young men with the means to understand the world around them and communicate effectively.

From the scenes of great movies to the lyrics of great songs, English is influential in everyday life and the ability to analyse and interpret the world is a vital life skill. By ensuring that our Wynberg Men are well grounded in the English Language we are giving them the opportunity to excel at any tertiary educational institution around the world, thereby helping them to improve the world we live in. Wynberg Men leave with the skills that put them a head above the rest.

Through careful selection of set work books and poetry, the English department ensures that the boys are exposed to challenging literature that is relevant but at the same time of a very high literary standard.