The subject covers a wide range of work including the price mechanism, the public sector, international trade, inflation, employment and development economics. Economics would obviously be suitable for a pupil wanting to follow a career in commerce, such as a Bachelor of Business Science, but offers useful life skills to all.

Economics is a tough academic subject which tests both knowledge as well as application of that knowledge. Pupils are required to be mathematically proficient and an ability to express information in the form of an essay is essential for success.   Learners are encouraged to read newspapers and engage with topical documents such as the Reserve bank Quarterly bulletin.

Field trips are made annually to manufacturing undertakings so that the various aspects of term 2 theory, namely micro economics, can be dealt with in practice.  An exciting trip is being planned to the USA in June 2015.  Washington, New York and Boston are all on the itinerary.  The focus will be on high tech manufacturing, stock markets and financial markets as well as general political and historical elements and their links with Economics.