“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”  – Nelson ‘Rolihlahla’ Mandela

Afrikaans 1st Additional Language is a valuable subject offered at Wynberg Boys’ High School. All of the boys are expected to learn and improve an additional language for their own benefit. The environment in the classroom is one in which boys are encouraged to work hard and ask questions in order to become better speakers. The teachers are also friendly, and are always willing to help; even after school hours! Apart from the occasional formal Afrikaans assessments, scheduled Afrikaans tests are written on a weekly basis to reinforce    the Afrikaans curriculum. This enables boys to keep revising their work, and in this way information is retained much more effectively. Afrikaans is a very important subject because when applying for a job, employers generally tend to look for applicants who can speak more than just one language. Speaking another language allows for better contact and efficiency in the working force and in one’s social life.

The school hosts an annual Afrikaans week during which various competitions are held.

The competitions test the boys’ knowledge regarding vocabulary as well as other important aspects of the language.

There is an active Afrikaans society which consists of a group of boys and one of the many    helpful Afrikaans teachers. The group organises outings and seek to improve all boys’

Afrikaans Teaching Staff:

Ms R Spammer, Ms K Swart, Mr P Smith, Mr E van der Merwe

Recent events:

Grade 9 Afrikaans outing to Eagle Encounters at Spier

Upcoming Events:

Afrikaans Week 2015

Dániyal Matthews