Introduction to Accounting:

There are few subjects that are as precise and exact as accounting. It is a subject where every minute detail can be both frustrating and rewarding at the same time. It is extremely intricate work, where tiny pieces of data come together to form a cohesive and expansive picture of finances.

The Importance of Accounting:

It is not a lie: the accounting done in school is covered in under a term at a tertiary institution, but this does not mean it is useless. Understanding the accounting done in school is of extreme importance in tertiary education, and cannot be fully comprehended with just a term’s worth of explanation. Accounting is too intricate and precise a field to be mastered in a matter of mere months; it is near impossible to do.

The Usefulness of Accounting:

However you might be thinking that accounting isn’t a career to pursue, and that’s your choice. However, whatever profession you do choose, you won’t be able to leave it behind. Accounting, as a skill, art and tool, is used in every single business in the world. A business can’t succeed if it does not understand it financial position and structure-things that can only be explained and understood by those who have studied accounting. It is a valuable asset to those who either want to be an entrepeneur or those who aspire to be a managerial or financial leader of a company. It is not an “encouraged” skill; it is a needed skill.

Why to Choose Accounting:

Now I’m not saying that accounting is the only skill-or even the most important skill-for anyone pursuing a career. There are many other skills needed to be successful, and none of them-including accounting-are a guarantee of success. However, accounting is a valued and appreciated tool to have equipped when you venture of into the world of professionalism, and is helpful and useful for striving for success. Accounting is a good skill to have, and doing it as a subject at school is a starting point for a profitable and prolific career.

Nicholas Moss