HOD and teaching staff:

Justin Biggs (Head of subject, teaches Grade 12s) and Mika Zeeman (teaches Grade 10s and 11s).

Information about the subject

At school, Accounting consists of three main sections: Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, and Management of Resources. The initial focus of the subject is initially on basic concepts and book-keeping, as well as procedures needed to maintain good internal control, but as the learners progress, the focus becomes less on book-keeping, and more on analysis and interpretation. By matric, learners are able to analyse and interpret real-world financial results of public companies listed on the JSE. Time is also spent examining ethical practices, forecasting and budgeting, and a variety of other topics. While school Accounting is not required for any university courses, it does provide a valuable insight into the Accounting processes used in the real world and has many useful, practical applications.


The school was awarded a certificate by district at the beginning of last year for “Consistent performance in Accounting”. Noor Paleker achieved an impressive 98% for Accounting in the 2012 matric exams, and was placed 6th in the province.