Headmaster’s Blog: ‚ÄėSupera Moras‚Äô takes many forms

  “I found the atmosphere while waiting to hand the Matric results to the boys on January 6th energising. As I stood on the steps at the front of the school waiting for the magic hour of 12:00 to arrive, animated and lively chatter was occupying the various groups.¬† It was interesting to note how […]

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Matric Results 2014: Congratulations!

2014 Matrics may access their personal results via the Online Family Portal on this website ¬†The class of 2014 have done their school proud and the results show an ongoing upward academic trend: 89.1% Bachelor Passes 98.6 pass rate 65.3% of the class achieved a Merit Pass¬† (i.e. 60% or higher).¬† This is a school […]

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Economics and History Tour to the USA, July 2015

The global financial situation is constantly in the news and increasing numbers of young people are wanting answers to difficult questions.¬†¬† It is no surprise that the Economics department at Wynberg has grown in numbers over the last 5 years.¬† Boys enjoy robust debate on contemporary issues and Economics and History lends itself to this.¬† […]

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Headmaster’s Blog: “Bob Dylan & Tablets”

  “‚ÄėFor the times, they are a-changin’, crooned Bob Dylan in the 1960‚Äôs.¬† As teenagers, we loved to accompany him, playing our air-guitars and blasting out the words.¬† We really did believe him when he assured us that the answer was blowing in the wind and all we had to do was knock (and knock) […]

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Matric Art Exhibition 2014

The Matric Visual Art opening was a huge success with many parents, pupils, friends and family attending. The art teachers, Mrs Colman and Ms Diedericks, put in many extra hours with the Matrics which¬†paid off as seen in the¬†overall high standard of¬†the works on display. Our¬†Wynberg Matric Artist‚Äôs did themselves proud. We were privileged to […]

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