Economics and History Tour to the USA, July 2015

The global financial situation is constantly in the news and increasing numbers of young people are wanting answers to difficult questions.¬†¬† It is no surprise that the Economics department at Wynberg has grown in numbers over the last 5 years.¬† Boys enjoy robust debate on contemporary issues and Economics and History lends itself to this.¬† […]

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Headmaster’s Blog: “Bob Dylan & Tablets”

  “‚ÄėFor the times, they are a-changin’, crooned Bob Dylan in the 1960‚Äôs.¬† As teenagers, we loved to accompany him, playing our air-guitars and blasting out the words.¬† We really did believe him when he assured us that the answer was blowing in the wind and all we had to do was knock (and knock) […]

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Matric Art Exhibition 2014

The Matric Visual Art opening was a huge success with many parents, pupils, friends and family attending. The art teachers, Mrs Colman and Ms Diedericks, put in many extra hours with the Matrics which¬†paid off as seen in the¬†overall high standard of¬†the works on display. Our¬†Wynberg Matric Artist‚Äôs did themselves proud. We were privileged to […]

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Matric Prize Giving 2014 – All the Awards

Part of the Matric Valedictory Service is the annual Grade 12 Prize Giving –¬†while many of the awards are known in advance, the Special Prizes and Awards are are kept secret until the ceremony. Well done to all our 2014 Matric Wynberg Achievers! Academic Prizes SUBJECT DISTINCTIONS (80% or more for a subject) Kyle Arendse […]

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Prefects for 2015 Announced

Wynberg congratulates and wishes our 2015 Prefects the very best for the year ahead. Head Prefect:¬†Almero Prinsloo Deputy Head Prefect and Sports Prefect: ¬†Gareth Ramsay PORTFOLIOS¬† ¬† ¬† Academics: Jatin Parbhoo Communications & Organisation: Junaid Ismail Culture: Micaiah Christopher RCL: Sisipho Fongoqa Service: Liam Arendse HOUSE PREFECTS De Villiers: Taurieq Pearson De Waal: Farai Gwanyanya […]

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Headmaster’s Blog: “Daisies in Darling and other Distractions”

With the Matric Final Exams just days away, Headmaster Keith Richardson ponders the candidates’ preparation and recounts some memorable moments in his teaching career as matrics face their biggest exams: “It was a week or two before the matric exams started in 2007.¬† Westerford were having their final pep talk with the parents and the […]

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Photos & Report: Interschools Maths Evening, 3 September 2014

On Wednesday evening the Clegg Hall was once again abuzz with the sound of 150 schoolchildren from seven different high schools across the Peninsula ‚Äď this time they were tackling Maths problems, as a team, in a race to be the first to finish with the correct answer.¬† In another Wynberg first, the teams had […]

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Wynberg’s Inter-Schools History Quiz, 31 July 2014

Wynberg launched its inaugural inter-schools‚Äô History quiz on Thursday, 31 July 2014 and took great delight in hosting 18 five-member teams representing 12 different schools from the Western Cape to a fun-filled and spirited event in the Clegg Hall. The boys and girls were challenged ‚Äď and entertained ‚Äď care of a thought-provoking, 10-round barrage […]

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Inter House Maths Competition, 27 May 2014

  On Tuesday, the 27th¬†of May, the Mathematics Department hosted the 2014 Inter-House Mathematics Competition.¬† It was a team-based event, which required the boys to collaborate effectively, in order to answer questions which tested the speed of their mental arithmetic.¬† For two hours the Clegg Hall buzzed with activity, as ninety of our boys engaged […]

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Interschools Quiz 2014

On Wednesday,¬† 26 March, four Wynberg Men,Tim Gertzen, Liam Didcott, Timothy Fester and Almero Prinsloo, participated in the¬†Caltex/SAIIA Interschool Quiz¬†2014. It was based on current events reported in the Cape Times in the two weeks preceding the event. Held at Bishops, with 55 different schools attending, Wynberg managed an astounding 9th¬†position in the end beating […]

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